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- Geralt goes crazy rag doll every time he's killed. Similar to GTA V rag doll but with less gravity (pretty funny)

If you dodge roll when it happens you get some pretty good air. Also I've had him finish his swing while he's dying and instead of ragdoll he just stands there not moving.

Other than having my horse clip through some stuff nothing too spectacular yet. Oh, and it seems you can jump around in some weird locations.

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Oh hi guys, I'm new to wrestling! I've been watching since end-ish of last year. Been going through some different network stuff, obviously I've seen the Monday Night Wars stuff. Seen a couple of different older PPVs and such. Wrestling is okay. I just saw Steve Austin Stunner Santa. All is right with the world

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@konig_kei: are those binoculars in his hands or beers?

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I'm BobRoss#1432 feel free to add me! Been looking for some folks to play with

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Dude I'd eat the fuck out of these. Not some picky guy.

Also down with eating anything for breakfast, including more lunchy or dinner items.

What he said.

Actually, I'm quite partial to pie/cake for breakfast, as well.

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@tahirdhudy: if you mean realistic gameplay, then he's really not wrong...

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game's borked. Just glad it wasn't just me. People saying it's the release time got jacked up which is why the patches aren't downloading. Bit of a bummer, but glad I picked up premium edition for the price of the regular. That'll probably be worth 60 bucks tomorrow when I can play it! Maybe this is some subversive way of messing with the Tyranny of Tuesday releases?

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@spoonman671: if you're thinking of that a simple cheap set up would be best Ego One by joytech is a pretty great starter, I got a Kanger emow for my first set up, and I really enjoyed that. With tanks like that I highly recommend doing a 50/50 juice as it is able to wick easier because it is thinner. A good cheap set up every time. Just don't go with the cig-alikes. They're terrible for a multitude of reasons. oh and @diz explained the PG and VG perfectly.

Obligatory there's technically no such thing as 100% VG juice comment, just to be that guy and get it out of the way, @diz

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@dave_tacitus: yeah, good point. I guess I should have said quitting tobacco, since that is actually what I did...

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I did it to quit smoking, been doing it since december last year, gotten into the hobby of it, enjoy it. I don't do it in places where you can't normally smoke, I don't shove it in people's faces. At certain points, I'm somewhat ashamed to vape as a cessation to smoking because of all the negativity people spew out. However, that doesn't stop me because I enjoy it. Oh well, different strokes for different folks. Also, just like any culture, it has its share of subcultures, and some of those people are assholes. Here's a shocker: assholes are literally everywhere! That's a thing I learned.

In summary: I do use a vaporizer, not always proud of it but glad I'm not smoking cigarettes, it's a nice hobby for some, some people are assholes, Video games are not dead.