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It certainly helps to work at a library. But, I'll usually end up on goodreads if my co-workers don't tickle my fancy (they, for the most part, don't). However, I only really use goodreads to find good picture books that we need, or at least should, add to our Children's collection. haven't tried it too much for adult books. Just looking around and sampling is probably the best way to find books I really like to read.

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Don't buy one at full price. That's for sure. I actually installed one I got yesterday and going from my HDD to the SSD, I've noticed a pretty ridiculous bump in responsive-ness. I'm also the kind of person who has a couple of things boot up on start-up. I find having the big HDD as a sort of storage device for anything other than essential things (like games and the OS) makes it a lot easier to manage. Are they worth it? Well, like @jjweatherman says the practicality is relatively limited and its benefits vary from person to person... so... Buy one? Or don't, that's cool too.

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@aceofspudz said:

I recommend playing the game on easy, since it's definitely mediocre.

I agree with you that the game is mediocre, but not for difficulty reasons.

But if you play it on easy, it goes faster!

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Maybe if they're changed to "Fish featured in video game blahblahblah?"

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The pages are acceptable as is.

I kind of totally agree with this... It's weird though, because the 'fishy' tagline for the wiki pages just kiiiiinda bothers me. But, I think if we could have some intrepid person actually play those games and explain the fishes rolls in the context of the game(s) it'd be a little more acceptable?

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In some motherfucking pancakes! Pancakes are wicked easy. Regular eggs are kinda gross. I won't say no to an omelet smattered with asparagus and hot sauce though.

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yeah, they should have made the drugs work more like they did in narc!

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God forbid they would want to try to put a stop to some super spam and make it a thing people would actually want to use!

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@demoskinos: Sadly I didn't get a chance to look over it when I did have my ps3... I do still have my DVD explaining the Old MGS games I got with getting 3 (I think that's what the deal was).