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Depends on what you're eating and what toppings you've got on it. I mean Honey Mustard wouldn't go well with a horseradish/relish hot dog! A good spicy mustard would be just the ticket with that combination. I also wouldn't use spicy mustard for honey-baked ham! That'd just be madness. Soooooo all of them?

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Can we just not be dicks? Maybe at the top of the comment/forum/chat windows we should put the golden Giantbomb rule: "Don't Be a Dick" right there? Maybe that'd remind some people?

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I bought Stalin vs. Martians when it came out on steam... I also bought Nether for 3 dollars.

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one of those games I forgot to grab with the pre-order discount so I'll end up waiting until it goes on sale to pick it up. I at least enjoyed the other two Sniper Elites? The UPF look was kinda nice.

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DAAAAAAAAMN SON! That's fucking awesome! Hope you have a blast!

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Well I bought it for 3 bucks... I played for maybe 20 minutes today. There's kind of a reason it's not really being talked about. It's not terribly good! Not to say it's bad(it's kinda bad). But, I'd be willing to give it more of a shot doing something co-op. Oh, word of warning, the UI is kinda terrible. I mean, so bad it's sort of broken? Like, I will be in a shop and my character will be swapping weapons and looking around while I'm still in the menu. There's also no way to easily track quests. I also somehow bugged the tutorial to get multiple packages dropped to me so I could get tons of items from turning them in again and again (unless you're supposed to get 3-4 of the same packages and turn them all in over and over again) So yeah... If you want my opinion of the small piece that I played: it's barely worth 3 bucks. I can't imagine it gets terribly more interesting or better at all.

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@phrosen said:

The Tec-9 is the Luigi of firearms.

W...what is the Waluigi of firearms?

The Desert Eagle.

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@zolroyce: I must admit, it seems like sticking team threads for trading in the steam forum may not be such a bad idea? It'd certainly be a little less confusing than lumping all that into one thread.


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Standby only if I'm downloading something right before bed or before I go out or something. Otherwise I think it saves energy (even if a little) to full shut down?

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Oooo! This seems to be a bit up my alley. I think the idea of respect necessitates being able to look at things from different points of view without relative bias. I say relative, because it is nigh impossible to see anything completely objectively. Opinion is always skewing what we say even if it is the slightest bit. Say someone comes along, and in the example says: "HEY MAN PUPPIES AREN'T CUTE!" Some people may really love puppies. They may take offense to that argument and say "HEY FUCK YOU PUPPIES ARE THE DOPEST SHIT EVER AND YOU'RE A TERRIBLE PERSON." But, that just openly emphasizes their own stance on the issue. Perhaps on an issue they're more luke-warm about, say climate change (YEAH, this hypothetical person loves puppies but doesn't care one whit about climate change), they'd be more willing to look at things from alternate view points. It takes a certain degree of objectivity to pull yourself away from an argument that you're passionate about and look at things from more than one side. It seems like for some people this is a more difficult task than others. To be quite fair, I firmly believe that everyone has done this from time to time, because it really is inevitable.