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@forkboy: Yeah but that seems like a bit of a poor analogy? So, by putting pressure on EA, they're gonna force the NFL to have them change the team name because they sold a slightly smaller number of games (maaaaaybe) than they might have? Maybe the analogy would make more sense if it was refusing to buy Redskins licensed products, for example jerseys or coffee mugs, altogether? I dunno, maybe I'm looking at the analogy wrong

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Why, I have half a mind to write a petition to petition petitions.

As it's been stated before, how exactly is this Madden's fault for using the name of an actual team? It's not really sticking it to the man. You may as well make a petition to have the actual team change their actual name (which I'm sure there are plenty of already).

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All right..... I'll probably buy this and feel weird about it. Whatever.

Haha yep. Gonna buy it, gonna hate myself, gonna play it regardless.

My sentiments exactly. Had the same feeling with Sorcery Saga too... But maybe it'll be worth it

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@zelyre: I figured it'd depend on the economy. But I didn't realize how dedicated people could be with it! I'd be super interested to see how it goes at launch and a couple months after.

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@zelyre: Do you know if a casual player can afford enough to play for a month? In my first little paragraph I mentioned I wouldn't be dedicated enough to religiously play, so I didn't think I'd be able to afford enough credd without spending actual money? I mean if I could just play for an hour to four hours a week and fund it, then that's not too bad.

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As much as I like the game, it's another game I probably wouldn't pay a monthly fee for. I also wouldn't be playing it religiously enough to be able to purchase enough credd without using actual money. Still, for free until may 19th isn't too bad...

You think they'll end up switching the business model to go f2p at some point?

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Postal 2 is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I always boot it up every couple of years, enjoy it when I play it, and then I take a shower with my clothes on and cry because I enjoyed it. I could list a number of games on top of that but hey, I don't need to damage my street cred any more. I mean, I don't even really have any to begin with.

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It certainly helps to work at a library. But, I'll usually end up on goodreads if my co-workers don't tickle my fancy (they, for the most part, don't). However, I only really use goodreads to find good picture books that we need, or at least should, add to our Children's collection. haven't tried it too much for adult books. Just looking around and sampling is probably the best way to find books I really like to read.

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Don't buy one at full price. That's for sure. I actually installed one I got yesterday and going from my HDD to the SSD, I've noticed a pretty ridiculous bump in responsive-ness. I'm also the kind of person who has a couple of things boot up on start-up. I find having the big HDD as a sort of storage device for anything other than essential things (like games and the OS) makes it a lot easier to manage. Are they worth it? Well, like @jjweatherman says the practicality is relatively limited and its benefits vary from person to person... so... Buy one? Or don't, that's cool too.