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Don't worry they will eventually run out of games to remake someday.

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Bummer. I am not a big Nintendo game fan at all, but I bought one just for bayonetta 2. No regrets there, since I knew exactly what I was doing (paying $260 for a game). Worked out well, the game is very good. Ended up having some fun with MK8 for a lil while too, and got WWHD free which I will probably play eventually.

For a second there I was like.... Mortal Kombat 8??? OH wait lol I'm a dumbass

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Playing Bots is a ton of fun because you get to wreck shit up and as you said the stakes are low.

That said I do play Ranked all the time because the highs are extremely high but the lows are very low.

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I play games for fun and dont care who I play as in games.

What matters I think in the end is how we treat people in THE REAL WORLD.

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What I don't get is why the Nemesis System could only be done in this generation of consoles and a PC. I played most of the game on a GTX 560 Ti and it looked like crap, way worse than any PS3 or 360 game ive ever seen. Is it then processing power? Memory? You're telling me the game on older hardware couldnt keep track of a few orcs that remember your name? All they had to do is remember one guy: the player. I'm just an amateur game dev and by that I mean a dude that makes games in his spare time and that isn't impressive much less from a AAA game. I could be wrong of course what do I know but thats my gut feeling.

I had fun with the game (beat it) but best of the year? Don't think so. So yeah I agree with the OP.

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I wish you all the luck in the world. Dota 2 seems way harder than League from the 2 or 3 games I played of it. The furthest I got in League was Silver 2. Seems to me that you are burned out on playing these games seriously or Ranked. If thats the case you could play other games or other Mobas and play casualy. If you are in it to have fun, just have fun. I hate myself as well when I keep losing in LoL but there I go again. Whats important is to take a break. It also happens in other hard games. You bang your head against a wall all day, you leave and come back later and it turns out you succeed in the first try.

Heres a plan I have implemented if you really can't stop playing League or Dota it works the same: Everyday just play best 2 out of 3. If you win 2 games in row, there you made your daily League quota, now play Normals or some other game there are so many out there. Somedays I actually just play 1 game a day. Win or lose I just accept it and move on.

Our situations might be different, I am married and I don't have that much time and playing too much was certainly creating problems with the wife. So you can go ahead and use my plan to cool things with League and not burn out on what is a really cool game.

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  • I just bought the Half Life series at a Steam sale. I have never played any of these games.
  • I love Sonic Shuffle. Why do people hate it? It's Mario Party but with.....ohhh
  • I think the Nemesis System is just a bunch of NPC's that remember who you are and get stronger (Not very impressive)
  • I am collecting ever single Sonic game released in NA. I got most of them so far.

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@71ranchero: Hmmmm I'll give these a shot as well since they do look nice

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@corevi: Thanks duder! I had seen somewhere that people made custom DS cases for the job but they never explained how to make them. I just went to the forums and there was an idiot proof tutorial on how to make them.

All I needed was this image

Edit: Of course I still need to test it but this seems like the easiest way to make one.

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I'm trying to organize my older games into a shelf. Most games like my Genesis games are easy to get cases for them but where it gets tricky is games that came in a cardboard box. To be more specific I need custom cases for my Game Gear games where I just slide a printed scan of the box art like a DVD case. Anyone know where to find these or an easy way to make my own? I've looked and I mostly find SNES or NES cases being sold. That makes sense since those are very popular systems. Not much love for the poor Game Gear. Hell I even found some 32X cases.