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@zombiepie: Get well soon! Yeah I'm ok with my stuff getting posted.

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Just a couple of underrated gems

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I was into some weird stuff back in the day and this bad boy let me use an Xbox controller on my computer. Worked great.

The other cable let me use a PS/2 keyboard and mouse on my Xbox. Didn't work so well.

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No option for the OG Xbox version? LOL

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@rolkien said:

@eder said:

Another Dynasty Warriors spinoff

Yeah, with them doing a spin off of everything not even surprised.


I would play this game!! They could also use their duck call whistle thing to lure every duck on the map for ultimate duck slaughter.

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Another Dynasty Warriors spinoff

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@therealnelsk: Aw, man, I completely forgot about using a Sony controller. I've never really liked them, though. My hands are kinda big and clumsy, and the central parallel stick design of the PS3 controller would also give me cramps.

Holy crap, I just realized I have 3 Duke controllers in the closet with my xbox1. I wonder if there is a way to get one of those to work...did anyone ever make a USB adapter? Probably not, right? And did they even have the right number of buttons? I'm thinking back, and I can't remember it having bumpers.

Oh, right! It had the little white and black buttons offset near the main buttons.

But, still...the Duke. Man...if only...

Yes there is an USB adapter for OG Xbox controllers. I have it somewhere and I remember it working just fine back in the day. I guess they had that by design since the end of the cable could be unplugged. I'll look through my stuff and if I find it will post pics

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@nocall: I don't remember any important ones off the top of my head except for Counter Strike GO (I know don't judge). I'm sure with a quick search there should be a list or something.

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I have both for my PC (Don't have an Xbox One) so heres what I think

Short answer: Both are good for their own reasons and you can't go wrong.

Long answer: The Xbox One controller has a waaaaaaaay better Dpad so if you play a lot of 2D games thats great. I love it for that reason. The downside is that it isn't fully compatible with some games. They will fix this in the long run but for now it does have some compatibility issues.At first I thought Jeff was crazy when he mentioned the bumpers were kind of off but they are. The reason is that the 360 bumpers can be pressed from anywhere on the bumper. The One controller's bumpers lose responsiveness the further from the center you press them to the point where if you try to press them from the very edge on the outer part it wont respond. Ergonomicly speaking its great if feels so good to hold that thing and the sticks are a little better.

The 360 controller well we all know how cool that thing is.

I still voted on you getting the One controller. I got it just to try something new and of course the Dpad. It has its issues but its still really nice.

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@mikeeegeee: From the description you give he seems like Teemo from League of Legends. Very annoying champ but not impossible.

I second anyone recomending Smite, Awesomenauts or LoL of course. Also Super Monday Night combat was good!