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@hayt said:

One of the reasons why Arnie is the correct answer

@gunrock Whats the matter? CIA got you pushing too many pencils?

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@s0mewh4td4m4ged: Sure you can't just buy a system for one game but honestly what games would you buy today with an Xbox One or a PS4?

Nothing against those systems I will end up with all of them, but I think since they are the new fancy consoles in town we all want them.

Maybe it's just me but when I got my WiiU I got it because of 3D World and the promise of games to come. Same with the new consoles. Are you seriously gonna go out and buy one and walk out with a ton of games?

It's always the one game that makes us buy a new console. Eventually you end up with more games.

I could be wrong and thats just me, but waiting is always a good idea because you end up with better deals and more games.

Edit: Having said all that I think getting an Xbox One wouldn't be so bad. You might miss out on some exclusives but playing with friends is also great. Right now both systems don't have any must have games. The game that will end that will be Destiny I think and thats multiplatform so theres that. You will also want to play that with friends.

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No WiiU option?

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Just for kicks I booted up Mortal Kombat 3 for PC thinking "This isn't gonna work". Guess what? IT DID. Ran perfectly. An old CD-ROM version of MK3 still works perfectly on Windows 7.

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More of this

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Question is...what engine is he gonna use?

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Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Edit: wow, there's actually someone else from my city that visits giant bomb

Duder, we should hang out. I am just as surprised as you are.

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@belegorm said:

It'd be kinda cool if the title was simply "Smash." That's what my buddies and I always called it when we were ready to play it.

Yep. All you had to say was: "Wanna play some Smash?". Then everyone runs to get the only two Gamecube controllers we had.

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Nope, pretty sure they already confirmed that they won't be changing the names. They're terrible names, but I guess it makes sense for them to keep them.

@thunderslash The subtitles are " For Wii U " and " For Nintendo 3DS. " On the box art and everything.

Oh man this really sucks. Doesn't change the game in any way of course but still very lame choice of name. For a series that is as crazy and full of fanservice you expect better. I rather a stupid name rather than a lame or lazy one.

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LoL is fun as hell, Smite is cool and totally different in terms of gameplay style and Super Monday Night Combat is a shooter MOBA if you want to shoot dudes in the face.