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I thought there was going to be a WiiU version or something lol

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2015 is the year I need to stop playing so much League of Legends and start playing more games. For the past few years I haven't been able to make a proper top 10 list of games but this year will be different. This post really helps me keep track of it all good job!

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I'm sure Drew went to Cabo as he did say. I think Dan went to Puerto Vallarta since I think he mentioned the place. I'm also curious since I live in Mexico. Not like they would ever come here to where I live since it isnt touristy at all (Hermosillo).

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To REALLY get why we want Shenmue 3 you need to see the end of Shenmue 2. Mind will be blown.

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@jslack: Thanks! Didnt think id get an answer lol.

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I really didn't know where to post this but I have a list that for some reason when I try to access it I just get a 500 Error screen. No other list does it. It's called the Backlog. Help?

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Don't worry they will eventually run out of games to remake someday.

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Bummer. I am not a big Nintendo game fan at all, but I bought one just for bayonetta 2. No regrets there, since I knew exactly what I was doing (paying $260 for a game). Worked out well, the game is very good. Ended up having some fun with MK8 for a lil while too, and got WWHD free which I will probably play eventually.

For a second there I was like.... Mortal Kombat 8??? OH wait lol I'm a dumbass

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Playing Bots is a ton of fun because you get to wreck shit up and as you said the stakes are low.

That said I do play Ranked all the time because the highs are extremely high but the lows are very low.

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I play games for fun and dont care who I play as in games.

What matters I think in the end is how we treat people in THE REAL WORLD.