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@eder: I'm really not, if anything, I very rarely agree with Jeff's opinions. Go back and play the first sonic game. It really doesn't play well, especially the PAL version, it's all swimmy and slow. The way the first level works also fools you into thinking, gotta go fast, because the second level just has a bunch of waiting.

I don't want to make this yet another Sonic thread so this will be the last thing I do say. I do go back and play Sonic 1 very regularly and its still a ton of fun. Sorry you got to play the 50hz version if you did that looks like ass.

Yes the game is about going fast but thats not all. It's a platformer first so you'll be doing some jumping and other stuff. It's not a racing game those are the ones you should expect to be going blazing fast and even those have also variants because just going fast isn't enough sometimes. Also the speed factor was vastly improved in the sequels.

There is plenty of waiting in many great classics and we don't seem to give those any beef. Mario games have the autoscrolling levels, Ocarina has you waiting to hit enemies, RPGs have you wait for your turn etc etc.

To keep this on topic lets see.... Oh I know Aladdin SNES >> Aladdin Genesis and Contra Hard Corps >> Contra 3

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The Sonic series has never been good.

Heres mine: Everyone who says this is jumping on the Jeff bandwagon.

Extra: Sonic Adventure 2 is a fantastic game. I'm not just talking out my ass I S ranked that sucker (GT: Hotsp0t)

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From experience, I'll say make sure that you make a list/spreadsheet or something with games that you want to collect. Do research, watch YouTube clips, and make a list. Even if it's long, have one. I spent a year or two buying every single retro game I could find and ended up with a bunch of stuff that took up space on my shelf and wasn't worth anything and wasn't good at all. Stuff like old golf games or stuff that was just garbage.

A list is a must. It will make what you buy have a reason. For example I'm a big Sonic fan (they see me rollin) so I decided to get every single Sonic game I can get my hands on and every Sega system. Since you are going for every Nintendo system you could go for every Mario, Zelda or whatever. On what version of console to get: Why not both?

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We've seen this effect a few times now where the company that is "on top" or "winning" gets arrogant and thinks that just because people favored them the generation before they can get away with anything. Examples: N64 vs Playstation and PS3 vs X360.

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The Nintendo 64 is a bad system with only 3 worth while games (Super Mario 64, LoZ OoT and Mario Party 2), and apart from the 3 listed games the system and library should not be remembered fondly.

Also fuck that controller with its bullshit analog stick.

FACT! Preach it brother!!

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Played 1 and 2 and they were awesome! Reading about 6 now I want to go ahead and just play that.

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eder.enciso is mine. I don't play that many games but if I see people playing something I'll try my best yo jump in.

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I guess to at least have some sort of conversation and not make this spam, what do you guys think of the Sona changes? I haven't played Sona in a while so I don't really know but I have seen her in action and the changes seem very minor but Riot seemed to make a big deal out of it.

Anyways enjoy the skins!

As a Sona main I've enjoyed the changes so far in the few games I've played, people underestimate the shield on W for trading early bot lane and Q power chords are still decent poke. The new zone graphics definitely help teammates recognize what you're doing and are a big improvement over the old invisible aura's, I just wish they were a little bigger as grouping up in late game team fights can be very hazardous so the ADC is really the only one benefiting at that point unless you've built a Zhonya's or something.

Since this post I have played a few games and yeah I sometimes would level her W either first or alongside her Q for more versatility.

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There won't be a price drop anytime soon so what I am going to do is wait for a bundle like the Destiny one or The Last of Us one. That and money lol.

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Also I hope this is not off topic but I like that something else that started in ALTTP gets mentioned. I have heard some people thinking Zeldas Lullaby was from OTT -_-