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Nothing, I've never really known people to tip in the UK at least none of my immediate friends and family do, not with fast food delivery or pizza

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More games is always a good thing and I'm looking forward to seeing what Double Fine can create for this new generation, honestly I'm tending to enjoy the smaller, more sort of condensed experiences that I find on steam than the billion hour epics nowadays so if that means more Bastions and Stanley Parables on the one then I look forward to seeing what comes out of this.

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@jeust: Honestly I've had my doubts about the game but that review seems awfully vague to be trusted, it seems like it's a review based on other people's impression and the information that has come out so far rather than the actual game. I could have written that review and included all the same information, which is a little weird considering I haven't played it. I've heard of a few new mechanics and things that have been shuffled up that I think a reviewer would at least touch on especially for a game apparently this generic.

Honestly I think there will be quite a few reviews that reflect the sentiment of this one in a way (more of the same, kind of like the treyarch/infinity ward situation used to be) but I think it's best to wait until tomorrow than trust this rather suspect source.

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@zevvion: Though I can see where you are coming from in a way I don't really agree, though it became pretty obvious that what he was doing was as much for himself as his family, their love and respect was always important to him, the lengths he went to to keep it hidden and lie at every turn showed as much. Ultimately he lost them, his son had no respect for him and even went as far as to want him dead, his daughter will probably growing up knowing him only as the criminal who brought so much trouble to her family, Hank is dead, Marie is broken and though Skyler may still feel something for him in the smallest way it's far from the loving relationship he once had (she seems to equally fear and pity him) Perhaps the business became more important to him towards the end, but you could see how their perception of him as a monster was tearing him apart inside in these last episodes.

Putting aside the family aspect and looking at him purely as Heisenberg he lost everything in that respect too, it was all about the power and respect to him but look what he was reduced to in his final days a man disrespected by the media at large, stranded in the middle of nowhere where his only company is a man who he must pay thousands of dollars just to sit with him. Even in the criminal underworld he was reduced to nothing, the man who defeated the great Gus' meth empire allowed to live just because the nazis pitied him, 'allowing' him to take a small percentage of his money that he lost so much to get.

I do agree that the ending was very clean in a way, in that he managed to wrap up all the loose ends without too much trouble (I thought the final episode was really good before anyone takes that as an insult) but he didn't come out of it a hero or a badass like some people seem to think (I agree that's kind of a weird point of view, I enjoy the character but he's not a good person) All he really did was solve the handful of problems he could manage before taking the easy way out and getting himself killed, which I thought was quite fitting.

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I quite liked the Burst Limit DBZ game, it was pretty simple and characters felt relatively interchangeable in a way but it was over the top enough to make it quite fun. I played the demos of the games that came after that and wasn't really keen on them though to be honest, the open areas and destructible environments were fun but I couldn't really get a hang of how they played.

I hope this is a little more simplistic in a way like Burst Limit, I come to DBZ for it's big dumb spectacle moments not some complex fighting system (though perhaps I'm in the minority here)

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I claimed the Swords and Sworcery key, been meaning to play that for quite some time, thanks a lot.

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I don't know, I kind of liked the advert in a way but as a thing actually trying to sell me the console it didn't really do a very good job. It would have been better if perhaps there was a montage of some of the games available after the animation to hammer home the variety/number of games available (unless they don't have any worth showing off, I'll be honest I've only really heard about it in a negative context)

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I'm fine with how things have been lately, especially considering the recent circumstances, but I would like to see the return of Load our Last Save at some point and maybe another Breaking Brad maybe (though Bradley May Cry is a great replacement for the time being)

I don't think there has been a lack of content or anything, it would just be cool to see some of the older features return I guess.

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@strainedeyes: Well the source material isn't particularly fun in the sense of the first one, I admittedly haven't read too much Judge Dredd but judging by what I have it's pretty consistently bleak in a lot of ways most of the time (apart from him ultimately defeating whatever he is up against) The idea for the sequel was apparently going to talk more about the origins of Dredd, not sure if that is through flashbacks or it's just going to be a straight up prequel though.

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Only special podcasts like the E3, GDC and other game event ones are video (there's been a couple of exclusive premium ones too) The regular podcasts are only available in audio.