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Seriously, CHARACTER NAME getting shot (and hopefully dying) has been the only source of joy this season.

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All I can say is that I loved it.

(But seriously, they're twins.)

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They should just fucking do a new Skate. Please EA. Please.

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Incredible. JV & DL 2015.

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That would be the weirdest ql of all time.

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@huey2k2 said:

Man, it sure is "cool" to hate Metallica…

…they essentially created thrash metal

Wonder why.

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Helped Sarah, told Bonnie, admitted (well, sort of) to stealing the walkie talkie, was about to watch Kenny kill Carver but changed my mind in the last moment, chopped off Sarita's arm (really came to regret that one when I realized this really wasn't the time to try to stop the bleeding).

Think this might be my favorite episode so far. The way Clementine is changing/progressing really, really got to me and during the last sequences I well and truly became an 11-year old girl just trying to scrape by in the zombie apocalypse.

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My Clementine is a modern-day Arya Stark.


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@excast said:

I mean, I understand Petit's struggles and the harsh comments she has to deal with. But what do either she or her employer expect the Internet's reaction to be when they place a transexual in charge of a Grand Theft Auto review and then have her mention the game's lack of political correctness repeatedly in the review? I mean, it almost seems like they were just trolling for a reaction.


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Oh my God. Rest in peace, Ryan Davis.