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If Red Faction doesn't take place on Mars... 0

... then is it really Red Faction?I guess the "Red" in Red Faction this time comes from the obvious Communist era tones in the artwork and "for the people" storyline. Red Faction 2 doesn't take place on Mars. It doesn't have a whole lot to do with the first game at all, really, and that's okay with me. I love/hate Red Faction. I hate it because the AI was awful, the geo-mod was not entirely impressive or overly useful, and the levels were linear and sparsely decorated. It felt like a crap Half-L...

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I played it so you don't have to! 0

Daikatana has a storied history which is covered sufficiently in the wiki and elsewhere. This review will concentrate on the game itself, rather the history behind the game.   Daikatana is mediocre at best. There is simply no better way to put it. The level design is uninspired. The sounds are mostly weak and inappropriate. The flow of the game is choppy. The texture work is busy and looks as though entirely too much detail was crammed into resolutions far too small.      For a good indicator of...

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Did you like Bioshock? 0

 Then you'll like Bioshock 2! They're really rather similar. The biggest difference is that since you are playing as one of the first Big Daddies, instead of your options being "rescue" or "harvest" little sisters, your options are now "adopt" or "harvest", with adoption requiring you to either drop off the little sister at a port hole for a small amount of ADAM or you set them down near a corpse and defend them from splicers while they gather ADAM for you. I'm a nice guy with a thirst for ADAM...

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A fantastic game hobbled by the timeframe it exists in. 0

 This is my third time through the entire game. I've owned it since release but just recently bought it on Steam for the convenience of being able to install and play it on a whim. Here's my bottom line opinion on Republic Commando; it's the second-best Star Wars first-person shooter. Just below Dark Forces. It has the unfortunate distinction of being the best game to come out of the prequel trilogy, and doesn't escape the taint of the prequel's legacy. I may even like the ideas behind Republic ...

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Reverse time to prevent yourself from buying TimeShift! 0

 I don't know how I made it through this one. I'm going to gloss over the technical details so I can get to why this game really pisses me off. It's visually competent even though everything has a plasticky look. All the weapons sound weaker than they should and halfway through you get a crossbow that kills every enemy  in one shot. Combined with the ability to slow and pause time, this is basically god-mode. Even though it starts out kind of rough (lots of enemies, weak weapons), this one weapo...

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F.E.A.R. 2 delivers. 0

 I don't know why I waited so long to play this one. I love the original F.E.A.R. so you'd think this would've been a no-brainer. F.E.A.R. 2 takes place concurrently (only for a short time) and during the aftermath of the first F.E.A.R. You play a SFOD soldier named Becket whose team is grabbed by Armacham, juiced full of experimental drugs, and then sent on a mission to stop Alma while chasing down leads on the how and the why of it all. You get the gist of the story in radio communications and...

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Still a 2½D Classic 0

 I've said this before but Dark Forces is probably my favorite Doom clone. It brought the Star Wars universe with all its diverse locations and creatures into a two-and-a-half dimensional game with an engine capable of faking 3D environments and set pieces. It didn't and still doesn't get near enough respect. Let's get the negatives out the way first. Though there are 10 weapons, nearly all of them fall into two categories; repeating lasers and explosives more likely to blow yourself up rather t...

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Not even worth a glance 0

Please note, I did not finish this game. I know it's a faux pas to write a review for a game you didn't finish but I'll explain why.   Darklight Conflict, on the surface, looks fun. It's got some nicely done box art, and I'm a big fan of space dogfighters so it looked right up my alley. Beauty, however, is only skin deep.  The game starts with a mandatory, unskippable series of tutorial levels. They start with basic movement and later get into subweapons. They are rather thorough even if they do...

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Metroid Reborn. 0

 When Shadow Complex was announced a couple months ago, I was somewhat torn by it. It was described as a metroidvania style game, which I like. It's developed by Chair, who made Undertow, which sucked. But the lead designer at Chair also made Advent Rising, which I liked! But Advent Rising and Shadow Complex are based on properties Orson Scott Card is involved in, whom I do not like. The hype coming out of E3 was strong though, and then they released the trailer and I was sold. When was the last...

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 This is one I started before, and just now finished. Except that Colony Wars was one of the first games I ever owned on Playstation, so really it's taken me about 10 years to finish it. I got Colony Wars way back when it was new to complement my new Dual Analog controller. This was before the days when it was the Dual Shock, and the analog sticks had indents on top rather than rubber domes. I still have this controller because it's probably my favorite one. The grips on it are larger than the g...

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Punching dudes in the face doesn't get much better than this! 0

 If you haven't heard of this one, you're probably not alone. It won a few indie game awards but it has kind of been under the radar. It's also somewhat difficult to describe. To put it simply, it's a first-person fighting game that takes place in a very surreal environment. It's colorful, beautiful, and full of interesting creatures and people, whom you get to punch in the face. A story exists, the voice acting kind of suffers, and you spend a lot of time punching people in the face but the set...

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Well worth revisiting (or just visiting) 0

NOTE: This review was written for Fable: The Lost Chapters on Xbox. Unfortunately, The Lost Chapters page won't let me write the review for xbox, just PC and Mac. Here's a classic. I just got this one last year because it was $5 and it was completely worth it. I'd heard others praising Fable back when it was released but for some reason I let it slide off my radar. It's an action RPG, with a whole lot more added in to keep it from getting boring. It takes place in your average fantasy setting, i...

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How does survival horror become ho-hum? 0

 I love the Silent Hill series. My first one was Silent Hill 2 on PS2. It was an amazing experience and I've been a fan ever since. That said, Silent Hill: Homecoming probably holds the record for the longest period of time it's taken me to finish a Silent Hill game. I spent the last four hours (or so my wife says) playing it and though at first I was frustrated with it (for it's lack of health items and somewhat steep difficulty), I can safely say there's nothing really inherently wrong with Si...

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Not a masterpiece, but not a turd either. 0

If you google "epidemic psx review" you'll get a couple of 1/2 star reviews citing this game as the worst of the worst. In reality and historic context, it's not that bad. Epidemic is the definition of "corridor shooter". You never venture outside. The environments consist of sewers and labyrinthine offices. Most of the 7 missions are key hunts. There are maybe five puzzles in the whole game and three of them are on the last level. The maps aren't huge and you can only save between missions. Eve...

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