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  • Player: Giant Bomb channel on Roku
  • Model: Roku 2 XS (3100), Roku 3 (4200)
  • Problem: Video loads in HD quality but within 10 seconds of playing goes back to loading with two dots of quality. This load takes a long time, sometimes long enough for the screensaver to kick in, so +10 minutes. Then it resumes at a lower quality for about 3 - 5 minutes, and then goes back to loading again. This problem occurs most frequently between 5pm and 11pm CST. I don't seem to have any problems with the video players on the website, but the Roku channel is how I primarily watch videos.
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I'm totally into this. I'm definitely into seeing the incomplete/early access games and I'm glad you're making a clear distinction between games that are (more or less) finished, and games that are still works in progress.

Does this leave the door open for Unfinished games getting proper Quick Looks after they've been completed?

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I loved it! I can't wait for this game. Metro 2033 is amazing.

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#5! Either I'm doing rather good or this one was easy.

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I've played coop with a few randoms. One quit during calibration, one rage quit because we couldn't work out a test chamber, but I had one good partner to get through the teamwork block, and then with another we went through all of teamwork and all but the last mass and velocity before they quit out.

It's not bad. The ping tool helps out a lot and it's fun to high five after a successful test!

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@ShaneDev said:
" Doom 3 was good but  to me the worst part of it was that the enemies would spawn in front of you and right behind you in nearly every encounter and it became very predictable. "
Yes, and this is really only a problem playing on "veteran" dfficulty. You can only take one or two surprise hits before your health is too jacked to keep going for long. It becomes a game of walk forward, monster closet! (or teleport), take a solid hit or outright die, reload, now you know where the monster closet is and what's in it so you can blast it as soon as it pops open, quick save, repeat. It gets really tedious really fast. 
But on "marine" difficulty, you can take more than a couple solid hits so the monster closets are not such a pain in the ass and the game is a lot more fun. I play through the whole game probably once a year. Looking forward to Doom 4!
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Add me to the list of people who love that there are no multiplayer achievements, and I seriously enjoy the multiplayer. Multiplayer unlocks are achievement enough for me. 

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Looks interesting!

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When you look at the weapon, does a circular arrow show up? If so, hold the use key "e" and it should swap the weapons. 

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This one is sure to be a huge hit.