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Personally speaking, Magick Archer is the strongest because the dodge and reset skills are useful in general. The dagger has Hundred Kisses for melee whereas the bow has the Sixfold Shot and Ricochet Shot, both which are super powerful when amplified with a Demon's Periapt and Ricochet is incredibly powerful for tight spaces like the Bitterblack Isle dungeons.

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Glad you're enjoying it despite throwing your limp corpse against the wall. You'll get better though even though you may not realise until much later, probably not up until NG+. Also, in case you didn't know Scholar of the First Sin is actually harder compared to earlier versions of DaS2 mainly due to the reshuffled items/gear plus enemy positions have changed although from my playthroughs of both it seems it's mostly just the early areas that have the biggest changes. The game is hard for sure though but it's not hard just for the sake of it though perhaps it's not done so well in DaS2 compared to the others but that's whole other discussion in itself.

Don't concern yourself with cheesing and offline stuff. Personally speaking the former isn't how I would play and the latter I think is important but it's not essential. Just do whatever works for you. At the very least you're exploring and figuring stuff out on your own which what the series really rewards for. In any case, I look forward to hearing more on your thoughts. I'm a massive fan of the series if it wasn't obvious enough. Good luck with the DLC stuff too. It's tough but it's my favourite part of DaS2.

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Can't say I have much to add myself for a myriad of reasons but to put it simply, I'd take the chance again. Otherwise, you'll probably regret missing the chance. At the worst possible outcome, you'll try and fail but at least that means you took the opportunity. If you didn't, you'd never know. Sorry I don't have anything new to add but you know where to find me if you want a second opinion and all. Ah well, at least there's always this.

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@flstyle: Kind of a yes and no really. Developing for the PSP is cheaper than a full fledged PS3 game and considering the larger popularity of the PSP (or just handheld devices) in Japan in comparison to the West it made sense for for SEGA. I still think they're great games for sure it's just a shame that it relocated to less powerful and arguably, less common hardware, at least in the West.

@jeust: Hey man, nice to see you too! I'm not on the forums often as you know but I still come to the site a lot. You on Twitter/tumblr/wordpress by any chance? I'm more active on those spaces so throw us a link if you are.

@pierre42: Yeah I largely enjoy the writing but there are spots here and there that make you guffaw or roll your eyes a bit. Still, it's not that stupid in comparison to other anime games which is kinda saying a lot I guess.

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@bargainben: That's interesting considering that I rarely had problems with it. Then again I've always prioritised accuracy in the training and weapons for my soldiers since it's the most RNG-ey part of the game. You can't fully eliminate it but you can shift the risk to your advantage in a number of ways. Sorry to hear it didn't work so well for you I guess. For the record, I always, always aim for the head or radiators. Going for the critical hits really make a difference I feel.

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@patrickklepek Thanks for your work but just a heads up, the CoD: AW and DS 2 links are reversed.

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Should be interesting to see how they expand this since the concept isn't something that lends itself to anything particularly big, at least I don't think so but hopefully I'm wrong since I did quite enjoy the original build.

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That was an unsurprising but interesting read nonetheless. Wished that we had Minecraft when we were younger since it's such a great social building game as well as letting children express their creativity (autistic children as you mentioned especially who from what I've read, are a fan of it.) That plus the redstone system allows some basic programming that could push their interests in electronics or programming which is in inevitably what the future would want.

Granted, we had shit like LEGO or those awful Sticklebricks but it's not the same for a number of reasons.

I've no fucking clue about wrestling. All I knew was that when I was in school, most of my classmates were more interested in collecting stickers and chucking them into those big paper books for whatever fucking reason.

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Huh, has it really been three years since then? It's weird seeing these now. Also makes me miss the old offices. Something about them that felt pretty comfy.

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Good read. Not much to add myself since this is more or less the same thoughts I had when it comes to relationships and choices in games, my particular examples being The Walking Dead series and Fallout. Somebody already mentioned it earlier but Persona 3 had your (female) social links revert to a "Broken" status whenever you engaged in social links with other girls, though oddly enough you can get around the system by maxing the links one at a time. Even if it was broken you can be easily fixed.

Persona 4 kind of got around this system by letting you decide whether you wanted a romantic relationship with the girl but it was a bit useless (in terms of a game) by the fact that the "Broken" status was removed, although technically speaking it's still there albeit only in the Naoto route for different reasons. In a way I wish they kept the system or designed some other way (though Golden does acknowledge the multiple relationships at certain events.) It's highly unlikely it'll ever have it but I've always thought the concept of a polyamory relationship would be interesting to have (assuming that everyone involved is 100% honest with each other, if not it can always be a catalyst for drama as they are want to be.)

As you mentioned however, the realities of game development mean that having so many different permutations is a messy and difficult business to handle properly. Fallout handles it via the image montage with a voice over which does work even though it does feel rather sterile and a bit "gamey" while the Walking Dead does make your decisions feel different but ultimately superficial in retrospect. It's a tough design to implement properly for sure.

I can understand why designers avoid these mechanics as they're terrified of locking players out of content though personally I can admire them if they can pull it off (Dark Souls does this pretty well.) Thing is though, whenever do they give you a big choice it can be easily corrected down the road. Whether you kill Kaiden or Ashley in Mass Effect might as well be random choice as they both fill the same roles, granted they're both very different characters but one wished they provided vastly different content off the beaten path rather then have them fill the same gap in the overarching story. But hey, realities of game development and all that bollocks.

(On a side note, School Days has on official English version which might be worth looking into. Might give it a shot myself.)