Whiskey Media Player Profile: Sean Coonce

Over the next few weeks we'll be highlighting our pro-players here at Whiskey Media. The focus will be on the behind-the-scenes Top Men who get the job done day-in and day-out. First up is Whiskey Media employee #1 and partner, the Adidas Adonis, the Friendly Giant, the Questing Inquisitor, Sean 'SuperCoonce' Coonce.


"Are you looking at my Odwalla?"
  • Height: 7' 12"
  • Weight: 173.5 lbs


  • Currently engineers our quest product.
  • Engineered our message boards, lists, profiles, trivia, pms, comments, podcast pages.
  • Tallest asian guy in 5 miles of anywhere.


  • Part time DJ, full time lover, Sean Coonce is our resident connoisseur of cool. Wake boarding, snowboarding, surfboarding, any type of boarding he's in.

Coonce recently starred in this Quick Look:


Data Porn: Giantbomb September

We here at Giant Bomb believe in sharing.  And since many of you lurved the August Data Porn,  I'm back with crazy deep data for the month of September.  Halo: Reach seems to have captured the attention of wiki editors, blog posters and Quick Look watchers alike.

 What up moderators!
  EDIT:  Our mod chart is kinda buggy and has some wrong names.... 
  1. Danguy is mracoon
  2. Erinfizz is johnny_pumpkin
  3. fuzzyslug is ZombiePie 
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Data Porn: Giantbomb Wiki August

Well, way to go people.   Very interesting to see what wiki pages get the most edits around here.  I'm talking about you Vagina page -- which I still maintain should be a "Location" and not a "Concept".  I guess that depends on how hard up you are?

Top Moderators 

Give it up for the mods who approve all those edits and keep a lid on shenanigans.  
EDIT:  Our mod chart is kinda buggy and has some wrong names.... 
  1. Danguy is mracoon
  2. Erinfizz is johnny_pumpkin
  3. fuzzyslug is ZombiePie 

Most Viewed GB Videos 

Thought you might like to see what Giantbomb videos people liked the most.  

Big Bugs We Know About

Here's a list of bugs we know about that we're working on ( or at least aware of).   I'll keep editing this list with bugs that will take some time to fix. 

  • Videos do not play in FF4.
  • PM Count often wrong.
  • Text Editor copy/paste madness.
    • Text Editor Table support     
  • Guides TOC and everything else in guides is broken.
  • Cannot embed videos in editor using FF 3.6 or IE9 (working on a fix.)
  • Counts.  Like "Mario is in X games".  On GB and CV we'll upgrade our aggregate count code to fix counting errors.
  • Cannot add a new review after you delete one.

Common Problems:


I dont see my  XBox achievements?

You may need to fix your privacy settings on XBOX, then resync your account with us. remove it, re-add it is the easiest. 

I wont lock this thread.  But dont post bugs below as each bug should have it's own thread.

Giantbomb Internship Program - open casting call

Hello there and welcome.  I'd like to tell you about an exciting opportunity for you, yes you!  Are you a self-starter?  Do you consume comic books, movies and video games even when you're on the toilet? Are you smart or awkward?  Do you want to intern at a web company with it's own bar?  Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area?   Can you moooove to the San Francisco Bay Area on your own nickel?  Do you like... basements?
Here's the details.  Our internship program gives you an opportunity to see what it's like to run a website behind the scenes with industry professionals such as Jeff Gerstmann and Dave Snider and others.  When your internship is over we want you to grab your destiny by the horns and bareback that rodeo bull into the sunset.  That's right bub, this thing ends with you leaving to conquer the world.  
Internship Details:

  • $10/hour paid internship.
  • 3-6 month internships available.
  • Internship will not end in a full time job.
  • Work in a basement, attached to an actual underground speakeasy.  
Who you are: 
  • An over active member of Whiskey media
  • Excited, motivated, stable and fun
  • A US resident
  • 18 years old or more 
  • Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

PM me if you have what it takes.