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I'm in the salt mine digging a freaking hole down.


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Thank you Ryan. Just...thank you.

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I run a small YouTube channel, and I do series mini-showcases on older games. Just today I posted a video about the Turbografx-16 game "China Warrior." Figured I would post it, showcase this really dumb game, and call it a day. Did not listen to the Bombcast yet.

At lunch I decided to listen to the Bombcast, and right from the jump they start talking about the Turbrografx-16, and Jeff talks about the game "China Warrior." I was cracking up laughing at this extremely unlikely coincidence. I mean, it's not like China Warrior is this well known classic. I figured I would post my video here so you can see this "quality" title.

I hope you like it. Well, not the game. The game is terrible.

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@skcaptain said:

I don't think this was the right video to show us if you want criticism. We don't really get anything out of you, no bad jokes, trying to show-off,news, nothing that gets my attention. I would try showing a little more of a personality.

Just my opinion, I'm not that popular either so it may just be bullshit.

Haha, well I will show more personality in future ones but wanted to do a rough cut at first. The main reason I wanted to show a "first take" version is to kind of get a gauge on my first try. I rather get input on a quick, and dirty one then try to refine it from there. Kind of like showing people a rough draft of a paper. This wasn't a ploy to gain viewers, or anything. Just a way to get some input. THEN I will be a viewer hog, and wear that badge proudly. Haha! :-)

@DriveupLife said:

Black Ops? No thank you. Do an RPG or something that's not a shooter.

I will be doing more games. Fighting, RPG, and the like. I live stream mostly so many RPG games I do on the live stream. Example I did Dark Souls, and occasionally play Chrono Trigger. The reason I did black ops is because I wanted something that had a finite time limit, was quick to record, and I could compare with others. Since shooters tend to be a popular source of commentaries. I am not a COD guy, but I enjoy the games and completely suck at them. Haha. So I will do more RPG/Adventure stuff soon. I plan to do all type of games in commentaries, but also do more proper play through in my live streams.

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It's not bad to be sure but it wasn't really good either, I'd say it's pretty average. You have a good voice for commentary though. I think the best advice I can give you is to watch the videos of already established LP groups and just study what they do (Like what you said in the video), and also watch videos of bad LP's so you don't make the same mistakes. Also if you have anyone that could be on your LP as a guest it could potentially make the viewing experience a lot more interesting.

Well average is actually more than I was hoping for in my first attempt. I literally taught myself how to record my voice in my editing software while filming this. So this was a "first take" at it's purest form. Thanks about for the compliment about the voice! Yeah, I've tried watching a few good and bad commentaries. I notice certain trends. The guest thing is something I was considering. Just depends on the game, and who I can bring in with decent sound. Even if it is Skype (which I prefer not to) I want solid mic sound. I really want to make sure that side is good since honestly in commentaries that is the part the creator controls. The gameplay is well...the gameplay. In the case of me playing a COD game - it is horrible gameplay because I am middling at best at it. Haha!

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OK, the video is re-uploaded with the audio mix set at default levels. It should be significantly louder now. One thing I will add in future commentaries is some very light game audio. The reason I left it out of this one is that i accidently did not mute a player. In the middle of the match he went on a f-bomb spree. I have absolutely no problem with cussing, but it may have been distracting for the listeners. Just another lesson learned while quickly recording this. Haha.

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I've actually done radio (silly community college radio) years ago. I could do the radio voice, but honestly I always sounded hokey. Haha. Unless I did news readings, and it was fine. My worry was that people will watch my commentaries, then my live stream, and be confused why I sound different. Which in my video is something I said not to do. I am sure I will be called a hypocrite sooner, or later but would like to not start right out the bat with it. :-)

Thanks! I do appreciate the kind words. I am actually re-uploading the video with hopefully a better mix. This time with the audio set at the default levels. It should make it significantly louder when it finally is done processing.

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I was listening to the recording with my headset, and it sounded fine but playing it now I do notice the audio is a bit low. I can fix that. When I listened with my headset it was extremely loud, and did not want the opposite effect of blowing out my listeners eardrums.

I should have drank some water prior to talking. I was getting parched halfway through. It was a spur of the moment thing I wanted to try. I wanted a base level to judge future more organized commentaries.

As for my voice, that is my natural speaking voice. I can't help that. Haha.

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Hey GBers,

I wanted to get an outsiders opinion on my "Let's Play" Commentary. I started to live stream pretty regularly, and enjoying it greatly. I am a bit of a stickler on improving my stream, and growing my audience so I am always looking for input. I've decided to do a few "Let's Play" commentaries to gain attention for myself, and my live stream.

This is my first attempt at one. I picked Black Ops because it was quick, easy, and people tend to like to watch COD games with commentary. Instead of focusing on the game I decided to give advice on what I learned so far in my pursuit of gaining a live stream audience. This was done in one take, and totally off the cuff. I did that to get a real raw estimate of my commentary skills.

Some of my loyal followers in my live stream are very helpful, but if I want to grow I have to put myself out there. The GB community seems like a good place to get great takes on this, but not just "you suck, OMG another commentator" type comments constantly. Am I speaking to fast, to slow, stumbling over my words to much, and other things I would like to know.

Do I think I am going to make a living off of this? Absolutely not. Do I hope to get noticed enough to make the enough to pay for gas? I hope so. Willing to give it a shot. Haha!

So here is the video, and thank you all ahead of time for you input.

EDIT: Re-Uploaded video in order to fix the low audio issue:

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@SeaMoose: Oh wow, it was perfect. I really did not notice. Haha!!

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This poll means nothing, but the outcome is ridiculous.