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Right after I buy one. Just neat. :/

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It's a form of hazing, if you want to cut it off at the pass you need to assert dominance by urinating on the alpha male.

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Not so much a remake, but I never got to play MGS4 and I'd love to be able to on PS4.

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Christ. I think it's time I got a console again.

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Not sure I can handle anything more intense than the base game mechanically, but the co-op campaign sounds potentially cool.

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I've always cringed at the idea of calling myself a gamer, recent events have left me feeling I should steer completely from the term and realizing how detached from the mainstream culture of it I am. It feels like 2005 has leapt forward to try and force things to go back the way they were, objective reviews and all. There's room for more than one thing, the market for games is gigantic now and we aren't just seen as a bunch of maladjusted keyboard warriors any more, but every time I see a story about this it feels like we're taking a step back.

Great work Jeff, as always.

@charlie_victor_bravo said:

The real problem with the site is the wrestling bias and lack of proper energy drink video reviews.

This guy gets it! Now we are talking about real issues.

But seriously, are hamburgers sandwiches?

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Considering the way Jeff was talking on the Bombcast he probably wanted to get a little more experience with Borderlands before quick looking it properly. As for the rest, Vinny's enough of a fan of Sleeping Dogs that I can see that happening soon and Jeff is already in deep so Skylanders is no doubt going to be covered with every figure available. I think they're just not in a rush to be first any more and go more for personal perspectives, providing launch day coverage is more Gamespot's thing.

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Are you enjoying it so far? I've wanted to get it but been seriously on the fence considering how little has changed at first glance.

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Would Mercedes want to replace him with a driver coming to the end of his career (with a year in limbo on top of it all) and who's last titles were over half a Max Verstappen ago?

I really wish the BBC measured time like this in their F1 coverage.