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I can't wait for the quick look of this.

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@humanity said:

"So Jay, what did you play last week?"

"Well.. I was on my boat, anchored a few miles off the shore of Malta all weekend man.."

"So you didn't play anything?"

"You know me Brad, can't go a few days with dropping some ill combos in puzzle and dragons son"

"And that's gonna do it for the Giant Bombcast this week, see you next Tuesday!"


Really, what's his number? I'm sure he's got a couple hours to spare.

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@rethla: You got beaten to it by a Steam friend, but thanks. :) I didn't realise there was an equivalent to wheel setup on the controller, it's probably in need of tweaking but it's a lot better now.

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Anyone else finding this impossible with a pad? The cars all feel super nervous and twitch, I could probably recover with a wheel but since I'm feathering the turns with a stick it's just gonna spin and fuck me up with no real way to recover gracefully. The AI is also super aggressive, and will just rear-end me or swipe me off the track if I go near them.

It's certainly pretty, though.

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Firefox, I liked Chrome but it crashes all the time for me on this PC.

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"im really crazy guys lol #damaged"

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@flstyle said:

My reaction if he took over:

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I haven't played since 2 came out, so maybe it already exists. Andrew W.K. I get wet album could be really fun to shout in parties.

This same thought crossed my mind today while listening to We Want Fun on the way home.

Where's Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin!? They need to tell all the rights holders for these old bands to get off their high horses and let drunk frat boys fuck up their guitar solos already.

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Every time Prey 2 is brought up somewhere I always think "... Damn it, if only."