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I just have to wonder how many of these characters will be 8 dollar dlc characters?

Marie and Margaret, 'cause Adachi's free unless you don't download him during the first week.

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Interesting thread to see resuscitated as I head into my first time in university in September with computer science as my major. I've done Cal I, Cal II and Linear Algebra, so I might be at least a bit used to the kind of math I'll be encountering. Got "Multivariable Calculus" (which I assume is Cal III) and "Mathematics for Computer Science" lined up for this fall term.

The way I see things, it really doesn't matter whether or not I initially dislike Comp. Sci. or not. It's something I'll need to endure, just like everything else I've endured until now in school, because there's nothing else I can think of to do and make a proper career out of.

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But we don't have quests anymore.

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@deadpancakes: The tarot cards come with a pre-order for the non-premium edition, just fyi.

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Please show me where I said it looked bad? Because I didn't. I simply said it didn't wow me. Those are two entirely different statements.

That's true, though I associated making it sound like it looks like previous GG games to making it sound bad because those games don't look the best these days.

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@zeik: Well, I do wear glasses so guilty as charged. Like I said not knocking it. It just doesn't wow me.

I've literally never heard anyone say anything bad about how Xrd looks until now. It's especially crazy that you would compare how it looks to previous GG games so... I dunno, man.

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So why was Jeff going nuts about how this looked on the podcast? Am I missing something? Cause it looks just like previous GG games.

You're... you're kidding, right?

This is one of the best looking fighting games ever made. There is no question about that.

Edit: I mean, seriously, like the previous GG games? Does Mortal Kombat X look like Mortal Kombat II?

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Yep. Been playing the beta for the fully fan translated version for a bit now. It's an AA game, so I love it, but I'm not seeing how it's one of the best so far. I'm at the end of case 3, and that's my favorite thus far, so I'll see if things get even better as the game progresses.

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It's time to let Persona 4 ride off into the sunset with Ultimax. If they do another Persona 4 spin-off in the future, I'm gonna be pretty disappointed.

Remember Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which would be the last of the upcoming spin-offs in both North America and Japan.