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So the official release date for North America has been announced and both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game will be released on December 16th, only 12 days after the Japanese console release.

Also a reminder: The PS3 and PS4 versions of GG Xrd will have cross-play, so the communities won't be split by being released on both consoles.

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@dragon_puncher: Really wouldn't be surprised if it's just completely dead.

Astounding that they didn't give the PS4 version for free for those that already bought the PS3 version.

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December 9th in North America.

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@mrfluke said:

i see what your saying, but that endurance run of Persona 4 was in my opinion the breakout hit for the site during the early days, and Jeff liked the first Persona 4 Arena mainly for how it continued the story for those characters.

i mean it is what it is. its still a great game thats a great sendoff for those characters without their coverage, but im just surprised there's 0 mention of the game on the site.

For the former, even more reason for them to avoid it. Jeff's said several times in the past that he doesn't want GB to become "that Persona site." Sounded a weird note to me back then, but that's still a thing.

It's one of my favorite games of the year for sure but, yeah, it's still an anime fighting game that they might not feel the need to cover. Not that I expected there to be no mention of it, but hey. It's still a game that's getting critically well received and all, so there's that.

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Man, a week went and pass and nothing from either GB offices on this game. quite surprised.

It might not be a relatively big enough or noteworthy release for them to pay attention to.

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I'm fine either way. Catherine looks fantastic and its scenes were directed magnificently. If Persona 5 had no portraits to opt for that style, I'd be okay with it.

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@hermes said:

I think the crew may see it as a game too similar to is predecessor to cover...

Didn't they cover Ultra Street Fighter IV, which is much more similar to its predecessor?

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I think the last BlazBlue did this as well. It didn't look quite as good but there were more arcade cabinets.

I believe they reduced the number of cabinets in a given room to reduce the lag, which seemed to be an issue in BlazBlue.

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@kiemoe said:

I wish I could buy this as a cheaper upgrade from P4A. Even if the game has so much content that it 's completely worth the 60 dollars, I'm just used to the model Street Fighter 4 has gone off of for the last few years, and I've been pretty fond of it.

This is a full on sequel, not a revision. 9 new characters. Shadow character variations. New 15+ hour story mode. Tons of new stages. Tons of new music. Significant gameplay changes. Golden Arena Mode, in addition to the changes to Score Attack.

It's a bit silly to expect this game to be some $15 downloadable update. In fact, it'd be impossible.

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@brodehouse: I believe normal Player Lobbies allow for simultaneous play as well as arcade lobbies, if it functions like BlazBlue: Chronophantasma.