Patrick Klepek Spelunky Skin

Wearing Jurrasic Park colors because.... because why not?

I looked into how difficult it'd be to make a Spelunky skin and turns out, not too hard.

Here's a link to a forum that seems to have all the skins/mods available collected into one location. There should also be a tool there that lets you unpack and repack the textures Spelunky uses for yourself.

Anyway, here's what it looks like in action

Spelunkatar AI displaying Patrick's dog abuse tendencies

I made the sprite by drawing the thing at about 500% what the game uses and then resizing it to match the existing sprite size. Reason being that drawing at that low a resolution is really hard because it isn't straight pixel art.

I'd say all in all, from start to current state it was prolly about 5 hours spread across a week and half. About half of that was drawing the art and I'd say about 2 hours of resizing and getting the spritesheet placement right with another half hour of testing in between.

Cool thing about this custom skin stuff is that everything works fine with the game and the daily challenge so pretty much, I just play the game with it now. Also, it's super simple to install and uninstall the mods since the entire process consists of just changing out two files in the texture directory of Spelunky. Anyway, here's a link to it if anyone else wants to check it out. There's a readme in the .zip that'll explain how to install and uninstall it.


Patrick Klepek Skin

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Posted by Nightriff

Another amazon job, looks fantastic. Just going to do this for Patrick or possibly other duders?

Edited by ShaggE

Great stuff! I'll definitely be using this'n from now on. Hope Patrick uses it, as well.

Posted by poisonmonkey

holy crap, that is awesome, well done sir

Edited by TheManWithNoPlan

Wow, this is amazing. Bravo duder! I can't wait to see Patrick playing as himself.

Posted by FLStyle

Good job!

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Why is Patrick abusing that dog? Why Patrick, why? ;_;

Edited by TheMightySkullboy

Perfect! Awesome job of matching the Spelunky Style!

Edited by b0unty1234

Well done, sir.

Posted by Peakborn

Duder you are on a roll with this Spelunky stuff, man, serious props.

Edited by KoolAid

This is next level shit.

Posted by MisterMouse

Fobwashed you never cease to amaze me.

Edited by juanvaldes


Now I just need to buy Spelunky.

Edited by Puppies4Life

Holy... this is impressive, great work! The sprite looks beautiful in action.

Edited by TheBarrylad

Tremendous stuff.

Posted by RecSpec


Posted by mijuku

Holy god damn that's really good. Man you deserve a box of bombs for that.

Posted by VoshiNova

Noice job!

Posted by Slayer

I said wow fantastic work even Patrick has seen it and he things its amazing :D

Well done

Posted by zEyePawdz

That Fro.

Posted by billymagnum

man you must see nothing but Patricks when you close yours eyes at night lol. nice work! id like one of each of the guys

Posted by johnLongview


Posted by HatKing

He lost the hat?! As much as that offends me, personally. I think I'm willing to let that go because this is pretty damn awesome.

Now we'll see if Patrick starts using this! I'm trying to think if I'd want to use a Spelunky avatar based on myself. Might be a little odd seeing myself to my own death so many times in a row.

Posted by Boss_Kowbel

Holy shit, Patrick looks adorably menacing as a Spelunker. I would love to see versions of Brad, Vinny, Jeff, and so on if you ever get the opportunity.

Edited by ZedsDeadBaby


Posted by widmer

Nice work duder!

That damsel/dog needs to be a Velociraptor.

Posted by Humanity

Now you only have to make a Jeff, Vinny and Brad skin and then change the title screen to Bombing for Treasure and put it up on Steam Greenlight

Posted by myketuna

@koolaid said:

This is next level shit.

Real motherfuckin' talk.

Great work yet again!

Posted by PimblyCharles

This is amazing, great work!

Posted by johnLongview

I am officially putting in my vote for reskinning the damsel as Remo. "Sorry, Chris! KALI DEMANDS BLOOD."

Posted by Superkenon

Awesome, man. You've thrown it Patrick's way, right? This needs to be on future streams.

Edited by Sergio

Now you need to make @alex or other members of Giant Bomb into damsels for him to save.

Edit: Or kill.

Posted by LucidDreams117


That's seriously impressive. Major props, duder!

Posted by PoToSkull

This is amazing. I wish someone would turn me into a Spelunky character.

Posted by Demoskinos

Guys, that isn't all he added to the bomb icon in game. Amazing stuff. I hope patrick uses this on stream from now on.

Posted by Scottish_Sin

Holy hell, that's amazing.

Posted by GeneralBison

Fobwashed, you've done it again

Posted by Ghostiet

Amazing job, holy shit.

Also, I get a heavy Tingle vibe from Patrick here.

Edited by Trilogy

Remember that time I said that you were radical? Well from now on, whenever something is radical, I'm going to call it Fobwashed instead.

"Wow, this Alice in chains album is totally Fobwashed!"

"This cheeseburger from 5 guys is pretty Fobwashed, dude."

"Did you see that new Spelunky art that Fobwashed made? It's super fobwashed. Fobwashed is the most fobwashiest mother fobwasher I know."

Edited by futurstock

when i saw the artwork (a couple weeks back) this is totally what i wanted someone to do, you're the man.

Posted by yourpalharvey

That's amazing! You really need to stop being so bloody talented.

Posted by StarvingGamer

Molto bene!

Posted by RockGrumbler
Posted by Agent89

That looks really good! Great job duder!

Edited by TruthTellah
Posted by TN04

Dang son! That looks awesome, nice work!

Edited by SunBroZak

Wow. Great stuff.

And now I'm off to work on a Nicolas Cage National Treasure spelunker.

Posted by Swordcery

Well done, Duder.

Posted by heatDrive88

@fobwashed: Who's awesome?

You're awesome.

Something about this GIF being on that porn set makes this extra special.

Posted by WasabiCurry

That skin is simply fucking amazing. Definitely going to be using this!

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