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I went ahead and uploaded the game to GameJolt. You can download and play it here =]

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I haven't read Honor Among Thieves but I sure as hell fell into a 2 month 7 book long Star Wars EU reading frenzy a few months back. They're stupid fun but I ended up with a "smoke the whole pack" feeling at the tail end of it. I've been looking for some easy reading and this series sounds like something that may fit the bill. Thanks Rorie~ =D

There's so much of it! It never stops!

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@d0rado said:

@fobwashed: The link appears to be dead again. Sorry to bother you, but can you re-host the file?

@fobwashed: Will there be a new link soon?

Okay, tried uploading to a different site. Link is in the OP. Please let me know if it works or doesn't work =]

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@fobwashed: Will there be a new link soon?

Didn't know the old one was down. Sorry >,<

I haven't messed with Spelunky of the files in a while. I'll reply to you again if I can find them and reupload em to a site =]

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@bollard: Yea, I use the overhead strap when I wear the DK2. Maybe if you tighten it more, it'd keep pressure off your nose... Or worst case scenario, you build your own foam nose padding. If it's a widespread enough problem, I'm certain they'll fix it for the consumer version =]

@tourgen: Yea... the chromatic issues are super crazy. It seems like it's something that could be fixed on the software side though. I haven't used the first DK to know how much better or worse the current lenses are but I do notice that there's a definite sweet spot and my eyes are set in my head at measurements which make that spot incredibly slim. I did notice that putting in my pupil measurements helped...

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Woop! Good luck new mods! Keep us citizens in line!

Went ahead and updated your status on the duder maps =]

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@bollard: My nose never touches anything when I've got it on. It looks like it's a carved out plastic area though.

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Did you shake Hatsune Miku's hand?


Extremely difficult question to ask but let's say this was being sold in stores right now, do you think this devkit would sell people on VR?

No. It's too hard to set up and use for the general consumer. Demo kiosks on the other hand would prolly be enough to convince people tho. Taking this thing home and setting it up would be a nightmare to the average Jill and Joe.


How intimidating does it seem to be to people who are not video games enthusiasts?


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@mrfluke said:

@fobwashed: is it still pretty scrambled when plugging it in to a console?

Haven't tried. Tho when you run it as an extended desktop and not inside an occulus formatted program, it's incredibly disorienting. Basically like looking at your computer monitor from 2 inches away... actually, that's pretty much exactly what's going on.