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Ehh... I'd be wary as The Cave wasn't that good...

I'm kinda with you. All my Gilbert goodwill was spent on The Cave. It wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't really good. I hope this makes it, but I'll wait for reviews before plunking down my money and more importantly, my time on this one. I do like the idea of building an old school ass old school game tho.

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The thing I dislike most about uPlay and Origin is that for the most part, they only support games released by Ubisoft and EA. Steam only works as well as it does for me because I can play almost all PC games on it. They even go so far as to allow you to add games to their library that you didn't purchase from them directly. I think sharing of keys between uPlay, Origin, and Steam is going to be unlikely because I doubt EA and Ubisoft are going to want to sell a game on their service and give you a Steam key which is essentially another copy of their game.

Also, I've got way too many friends lists. I wish there were an easy way to unify them all =\

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My love for art books and RNGs can't be denied! =D

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The YouTube video is muted at 25 min... prolly because of the Jurassic Park music. This is hilarious.

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This is pretty fantastic =D

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