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Let us never forget that Ryan Davis drank breast milk from a stranger at a PAX panel.

I would watch a PAX panel over UPF anyday.

Also, look at the overwhelming response. Instead of complaining about them not giving you a few days worth of non-pax content (they've been releasing content like crazy this week so what?) you save up some money, spend a few vacation days, and hit up a PAX yourself. Trust me, it's a great time!

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Savage hit it on the nose. Itagaki is the guy that has sunglasses permanently attached to his face.

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The Raid 2 w/Lang commentary.


This movie is ridiculous. It's extra great hearing Lang talk about how ridiculous it is.

Rocky IV w/GB commentary


Still great but a bit dated. After boxing myself, I find myself watching the boxing in the Rocky movies and being pulled out of it a bit. It's still good fun, but comically inaccurate. Still has the best training montage ever.

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Caught up to post 1764 Thrawn2112

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Looks like I'm about a page or so behind on this. I'll update it tomorrow (hopefully) so anyone else that wants in, please post before then >,<

Sorry for not being super on the ball with the updates lately. I've been busy. Rest assured I'll eventually always get back up to date! =P

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@ripelivejam: It was Giant Bomb approved!

I would also be interested in a GB hat or mug. Just throwing out my two cents =]

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Another promo vid >,<

Loading Video...

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Yeah, the video buddy is the best option since it requires you to authenticate before it allows access to premium content.

I'm hesitant to explain how I found the link considering that I just pulled it to make sure non-premium members don't get hold of it. If Rorie is interested I'd be willing to tell him so he can squash this particular hole.

Better to send it to @jslack or @edgework

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Got as far as starting the vid then refreshed and now 404 -_-;;

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@papercut said:

I've been planning my signs all week!

Here's mine from last year. They don't really show on the streams so I hope they figure out a way to give em some play this time around >,<