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This Raonic-Tsonga tennis match is Isner-Mahut all over again. They are tied at 21-21 in the final set.

Tsonga wins the match 25-23. Longest match in Olympic tennis history.

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@mrcraggle: BMX is in the Olympics.

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Wow, Team GB wins silver in Men's Team Gymnastics. Clutch performance in the last few floor routines. Performed way above expectations. Congrats.

EDIT: Japanese inquiry was accepted, Brits bumped to bronze. Still, it was an achievement getting to the podium.

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@Dixavd: We'll agree to disagree then. We've got the women's road race techno-analyze tomorrow. :)

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@Dixavd: The British team lost the race by themselves, almost all of the other teams had a rider in a break. Once they saw that team GB was attempting a 220km team time trial, the other teams weren't going to stop them from self-destructing. The Germans gave them some help at pace-setting, although it came far too late. It was a tactical mistake to not send someone up the road for GB and expect everyone else to go along with their plan.

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Kazakhstan's Alex Vinokourov wins the Road Race in his final professional race. Race was more interesting than I thought, with no bunch sprint. Big time fail on the Team Sky conspirators, had as many riders working to pull the break back for Mark Cavendish and can't even close a measly 1 minute gap.

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In the road race, the peleton has started the first of nine circuits of Box Hill. Gap has stabilized to around 4 minutes.

Nevermind, they haven't made it to box hill yet. TSN commentators better get it together.

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An Italian rider shoos the camera motorbike away from the front of the peleton to avoid giving the British riders any aerodynamic help.

Box Hill is coming up momentarily, the nine laps will determine the outcome.

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Good morning everyone, woke up early just to watch the road race in its entirety. Hoping for an upset from Giro winner Hesjedal.

American Chris Horner showing the world what a wiley veteran he is with a timely attack, then promptly crashes.

An early break of 12 riders have opened up a lead of almost 3 minutes, this race might be more selective than I previously thought.

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In the morning, the competition begins! With one of the first medal bearing events being the cycling Men's 260km Road Race. An early chance for British gold as Great Britain has a 5 man team working to get the race to end in a mass sprint. Mark Cavendish is the favourite in this scenario, but other big names could and probably will attempt a breakaway during one of the Box Hill circuit climbs. Any non-sprinter in the peloton will try to break and stay away for any hope of a medal. But with a 50km flat section after the last climb of Box Hill, Team Sky, oops I mean Team Great Britain, will try to reel in the leaders.

Unless a group of riders stay away, be prepared for a boring 100-man final mass sprint.