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Somehow my thread mysteriously vanished, so I made a new one. The Games of the XXX Olympiad gets officially underway tomorrow with the opening ceremonies. We had some group matches of the men's and women's football tournaments today and yesterday. Which sports are you guys going to be watching? I'll keep an up to date medals table here in this thread as well.

Top Ten Olympic Medal Standings Update: August 12th

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@FrankCanada97: I'm probably going to be most interested in basketball, boxing, and some track and field.

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I just realized that this is the XXX games. Guess that explains the 100,000 condoms and the logo. In terms for the actual sports i'm looking forward to the Rowing and Cycling.

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Can't wait for the badminton lol. Pretty much the only time I get to watch it on TV.

Other than that I'll just watch whatever sounds good. Doubt I'll bother with the football, seems like British footballers weren't particularly arsed about playing in it. Hopefully they do well though.

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@moffattron9000: Track cycling or road?

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weight lifting, wrestling, and fencing. Done

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Volley Ball, gymnastics, and diving are the Summer Olympic sports I most enjoy watching. I might check out fencing, some track and field, and badminton though.

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I live just outside London (only a couple hours to get into it usually - not with the Olympic traffic) so I guess I should be thrilled by the Olympics being here. I love what it stands for, and the amount of people that enjoy it is really quite astounding, and the physical and technological prowess on show (As well as the amalgamation of culture) is quite a thing to see appear (especially when I have seen it gradually piece together over the course of the last couple years) but in all honesty I have no fondness for it in practice. I believe my parents are going to watch some events (My Dad has tickets to the Gymnastics I think, and my Mum is going to one of the boat sports - possibly rowing). But I will not be doing anything like that even though I live so close to it. I personally don't enjoy the sport side of it, but the overall scope and the wonder that gets shown off is quit spectacular (seeing bits of it when I went into London Monday on the sides of buildings and such was quite interesting). So I like it and I am glad it is here however I will not be spending my time watching many sports. Still C'mon Team GB!

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Team GB are gonna win big at basketball.

In my dreams.

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It's all fun and games until the U.K hosts the fun and games.

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Cant wait for the Rictor to drive him self to glory in the 2014 Winter Olympics, when they ad Nascar to the lineup.

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I'll be following the swimming closely, I was a club and college swimmer so I have a lot of interest in the sport.

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Wrestling, Judo, 100m sprint, Boxing, and probably Football (Soccer).

I expect Canada to not medal in any of them. We're more at home in the snow. Fuck the summer.

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I have no interest in the summer olympics but mad props to Ian Miller for competing in his 10th olympic games and setting a record for it.

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United Arab Emirates 1-2 Uruguay

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@FrankCanada97: Track and BMX as it's one of the four sports New Zealand's any good at (The others being rowing, triathlon and woman's Shot Put)

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my sister is swimming for the US. So, i'll be watching that. Rest of family went to london but I couldn't because work.

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Really looking forward to the games this year. Have a PVR for this one so no highlights for me! Gonna be able to see the events I actually care about. Looking most forward to gymnastics, triathlon (pentathlon octagonathlon all of it) and general track and field stuff. Go Canada! We're gonna win the gold in bonin'!

Edit: Also the logo looks like something that would be a crazy DLC level in the original Adventure for the 2600.

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I like some good old track and field, the field events more so. Triple jump or high jump are just to good not to watch. The soccer today was great, it's kind of a shame the rest of the games will be mixed in with all the other events. I can't spend several hours everyday watching soccer and random events.

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@FLStyle: Whoops I thought I put that in. I'll fix it.

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I am hopelessly addicted to Women's Gymnastics. I also really like most of the track and field events, but honestly, when the Olympics are happening I keep it on in the background all day regardless of what's on.

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A South Korean athlete who is legally blind set a new world record while competing in the first round of the archery competition.

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@President_Barackbar said:

I am hopelessly addicted to Women's Gymnastics. I also really like most of the track and field events, but honestly, when the Olympics are happening I keep it on in the background all day regardless of what's on.

Yeah, I remember watching women's gymnastics at the 2008 Beijing Olympics like it was yesterday. It was really exciting.

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I'm looking forward to some awesome Table Tennis matches. Other than that I like watching the main events on NBC. Always some intense competition going on that's really cool. I hope the opening ceremony goes well tonight.

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I don't have cable so i'll be unable to watch anything :'(

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Women's Beach Volleyball

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One hour until the opening ceremonies start. Who's ready for the battle between Lord Voldemort and 30 Mary Poppins?

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Everyone in crowd given 3d glasses , guaranteed disaster :)

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Olympic Ceremony Time; So Proud!

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watching the opening ceremony. i am expecting hobbits to appear .

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@Laksa said:

watching the opening ceremony. i am expecting hobbits to appear .

I read somewhere that Voldemort and Mary Poppins would be featured in the ceremony, so i would hope some LOTR characters would show up.

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Steam punk Olympics 2012 !

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James Bond, the Queen and Corgis; this just keeps getting better.

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@FrankCanada97: James "Fucking" Bond

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Just FYI for at least Americans, if you have cable TV that includes MSNBC you can watch every livestream from like every event coming up at the NBC Olympics website, so if you want to get into some really obscure Olympic sports, have at it.

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I'm far more impressed by the opening ceremony than I expected. It's really pretty cool so far.

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I feel pretty alright not watching any of the Olympics.

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Mr. Rowan Atkinson in the house.

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I just heard a army of Mary popping kill a giant vildemort. And James bond fell out of the sky with corgis what I going on over there

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So many Brittish references?!

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If they keep up with the humour, I'll be here all night.

That and I love the BBC commentators trying to explain any symbolism then realising they have no idea what they're saying.

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@SlightConfuse said:

I just heard a army of Mary popping kill a giant vildemort. And James bond fell out of the sky with corgis what I going on over there

Don't forget Mr.Bean on keyboard.

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Video games.

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Was it actually D.Craig, though? All I saw was pre-filmed footage and two people jumping out of a helicopter.

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I love the use of lights on the seats themselves.

And Music references.

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Why we were scared of the '70s.

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Something BIG is gonna happen this olympics. And I don't mean of the good kind. Got them feelings in my bones.

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How the hell does the audience know the words to this song?!

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If only if it was that simple.

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Them be a lot of dancers.