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I like the black and the charcoal heather.

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Baltimore, MD, USA

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@fobwashed: Rad man, thanks!

Side note: I noticed you were local to the Seattle Area. I'll be out around there at PAX Prime time visiting my In-Laws even if I don't get badges. I might just stare longingly at the convention center.

I'm pretty crazy about checking for badges though, so I'll probably still be there.

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@fobwashed I'm hoping to make it to Prime this year too. Put me down for another XL. Here's to hoping we get badges!

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Thanks Man! Looking forward to meeting up at PAX.

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I'll see you at the show man! I'll take a XXL shirt if I may.

My real name is Ryan Seguin, and I'm available on twitter at @kerish42

I love the design and I look forward to hopefully getting one.

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Wait, ubisoft predicted the future, they knew this would happen and they made the square enix marketing team the characters at the beginning of far cry 3. It all makes sense now.

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I got one at target on day 1, I picked up the deluxe edition with NSMBU, and Zombi U. I'm enjoying it so far, and I like it because it feels like a different kind of experience, instead of my 360/PS3 that just feel like watered down versions of my PC with a few exclusives.

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@MjHealy said:



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As someone who really disliked GTA IV I am super excited after this trailer. I really really want to be playing this game right now.

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