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I'd be more inclined to let Bethesda get away with it if I thought the basic writing and design of their games was better. As it is, I just don't find what they do all that compelling, so a janky engine pushes me pretty firmly into the "will wait for a deep discount" camp.

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Oh yeah, MGS5. I'm on mission 22 or so and haven't played the game in a few weeks. From what I hear it seems like Konami is determined to ruin the experience with online shit.

What's the word? If I play offline only and don't want to touch FOBs, am I screwed?

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It's fine. Personally, I thought Win 8.1 was also fine, so maybe I'm not the guy to ask. Having to learn slightly different ways to accomplish tasks doesn't bother me.

Re: the security issues, just go through all the settings (or look at a guide) and disable as much crap as possible.

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Maybe twice a year I want a physical console title on release day. In that situation, Gamestop is cheaper for me than Amazon. Other than that, they're kinda useless.

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Does MGSV not have an electronic manual available?

The electronic manual is still there, but I doubt most people will even read that. Like most games these days, MGS5's in-game tutorials are pretty comprehensive.

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Other than in physical tiers of some crowd funded titles, printed game manuals are dead. Probably best to accept it and move on.

I still have my original ring-bound Baldur's Gate 2 manual. Not to mention this piece of awesomeness:

Sometimes I stroke it and weep quietly.

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I backed it, but haven't had time to play more than 30 mins or so. At 1920x1200 it actually looks fine to me. I can totally understand people with 1440p monitors being annoyed, and it really does need more graphics options. Or more options in general. That said, it I love the atmosphere and plan to hop back in this weekend.

And, just for the record, no one was running 1280x720 pre 2000. 800x600 maybe.

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In theory the game launches at 9pm (US) Pacific time, and Targets in my area are open until midnight. Anyone know if they'll be selling it tonight?

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I think GB was recording as well, so they should eventually be posting a version with better camera work.

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@deerokus Draft Kings is the new online poker. It feels and seems very skeezy and dirty.

Online poker is "skeezy"? I'm an American, and I find this to be a strange opinion. I guess this attitude explains how Congress gets away with banning it.

Anyway, I actually listen to the free feed specifically because I think the ads are funny. If we're going to talk morality, I find the garbage advertised on network TV in the US (junk food, prescription drugs, etc.) much worse than any of the companies DB deals with.