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Even having a separation between media days and public days, the show will change in its nature and go back to the circus of five years ago. For me, it's all about the reach they get from these approaches. Get the media well looked after, make it easy for them to get around and get the facts they need - result? Hundreds of thousands of people get to hear about your product. Make it a circus, marginalise the media - maybe a few thousand folks get their hands on the stuff, but the media coverage suffers. Only a few products are going to break through by 'word of mouth'.  
Keep it like this gets my vote, and keep improving the support for sites like Giant Bomb to get the news out.

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What the hell is a crouch grab? A crotch grab on a couch? A grab at a ridiculously tall England footballer?

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A quick 'me too' - account has loaded in, gamer picture is there, but 0/0 for achievements. Something is not working out quite right.

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Page title has a typo - Apeture instead of Aperture. Can't see a way to correct this.

- G.

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The Red Steel review is great. You have to remember the context - Red Steel was supposed to be the game that showed off how the Wii remote could take first person to the next level, and instead it sucked. Greg's dead-pan dissection is just what was needed to make sure I never bought this title!

Oh yeah, and the last 3 seconds are... unique.

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For me Rich Gallup is the only man missing before GB have totally 'put the band back together'. The best episodes of On The Spot - the ones where it really worked - were with Rich as anchor and Ryan on the side stage. IMHO.

Trouble is, he does seem to have another job these days:

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I think that would be a great mechanism to reduce the level of brainless spam - I can't think of any reason (other than attention-seeking) for a person to create tens of threads an hour. The problem at the moment is that there is nothing to stop them just creating another account and coming straight back with that, as we're currently missing any user verification steps - email responder or that kind of thing.

Some of the basics seem missing - but hey, that's what a beta is for, I guess!

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KensterFox said:
That's all well and good if all I'm trying to do is get to the game's page. But if I'm trying to edit a page to include a link to, say, Gun, I can't leave the edit page to look at the expanded search list... if it's not on the WFIO list, the link's not getting put in.
Ahh I see - yeah, that is a bit of a deal breaker!
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I would also imagine that, like the value of investments, points can go up AND down... so if you hit 1000 points by submitting good rational content and then decide to freak out all over the site, your score is going to drop down under the 1000 mark again (as you get moderated down and reverted)? Now this is just a guess, but would seem a sensble way to work it.

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If you type into the box and hit return, or click the little magnifying glass next to the box, it will take you to a bigger results page. This lets me get to Gun, and also gives you more results in case what you want isn't in the little autocomplete list.

The problem I get is quite often it just comes up 'Sorry No Results' with a perfectly reasonable text in the box. I think this is just related to the general slowness around here...

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