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@botcolony: I was wondering about your natural language processing engine: you say in your blog post that it cost $20 million to develop and was one of the best in the world. Have any plans for it? You gonna open source it or sell it or anything?

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I've got to say that even though Dan got the most stars, Zen-master Brad won that one. "The only winning move is to not give a shit".

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Not to detract from this really awesome thing, but it should be noted that the game isn't "running" on the oscilloscope, the game is running on a PC and the oscilloscope is being used to display it (the article explains in more detail what's going on in-between).

As I said, this is awesome and incredible nonetheless!

Fair enough, I should've been clearer in my title. Oscilloscopes (at least the old classic ones) aren't really computers, they're just a kind of dumb analog display, a cathode ray shooting electrons on a screen according to changes in voltages (like a dumber CRT, or vector graphics monitor). You couldn't run anything "on" them, in that sense. Even Tennis for Two used external electronics.

Still, though, dude modified the Quake engine to spit out an audio signal, which, when passed through the sound card to an oscilloscope, drew the Quake levels. That's motherfucking intense.

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Oscilloscopes have come a long way since the old glory days of Tennis for Two (a game which makes Pong look like hot garbage), and now some genius has made Quake run on one of those damn things. Here's an article describing the process, and here's a video of the gameplay:

I love that despite the groovy wavy-line nature of the oscilloscope lines, it's still recognizably Quake. I also like that since this version removes all textures, the triangular nature of all the polygons suddenly become very clear. All the flat rectangular surfaces are divided up into triangles, revealing how that stuff actually works.

Man, oscilloscopes are cool-looking. I feel like there should be a revival in vector-graphics games, they look so darn neat. This should be like a mini-game in Alien: Isolation or something.

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Have you solved any of it? The first part's pretty easy, it's just different sums of a and b added together and scaled appropriately. For the rest, remember that two different vectors are on the same line if and only if you can scale one of them to get the other. Find expressions for the vectors from M to N and M to P.

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What the fuck is his problem with Rufus Wainwright? What kind of monster would you have to be to hate Rufus Wainwright?

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I, for one, cannot end my year without knowing what this gentleman's favorite video games are. I hope they hook up.

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One of the best games of all time. Looking forward to it.