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@datarez: Thanks! Not showed up yet, but presumably it'll get there.

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@demoskinos: It is certainly not true that this only applies to in-transit data. If you're able to compromise a server's TLS key and the server doesn't use perfect forward encryption (which most servers don't, but every one should!), you can decrypt old stored traffic. Not just in-transit stuff, in other words. This is what makes this arguably one of the most serious bugs in the history of the internet.

In addition, there's no way to know if either hackers or the NSA knew about this previous to the public reveal, it may be that they've been harvesting millions of usernames and passwords for years.

If you use a service that's been vulnerable, change your password. It's that simple.

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Don't neglect the usefulness of vitality if you're going two-handed with no sword. For a build like that, you need to be able to fast-roll, but you will inevitably get hit, and you need good armor. I finished the game with basically the build you used, and I had on the Drangleic armor most of the time (though often I'd need to unequip either the gauntlets or the leggings to be able to fast-roll). In case you don't know, the cut-off for fast-rolling is 70.0% encumbrance, so try and min-max your armor to be as close to that limit as possible. If you're at, like, 72.2%, just equip a slightly worse pair of gauntlets or something. Raising VIT and equipping the Royal Soldier's Ring helps a lot with this (if you haven't found it, the Royal Soldier's Ring is in No Man's Wharf). Also remember that stuff in your off-hand counts towards your encumbrance, so only equip one sword and one shield (or no shield, if that's the way you want to roll).

Otherwise, yeah, STR, VIG and END are the stats you want to focus on. I didn't put many points into DEX at all, because the swords I was using scaled much better with STR, so it seemed like a waste. I only put in enough points into DEX to be able to use a bow (for pulling and such). You might also want to put a few points into ATN, if you get it to 10 you can attune one spell, and if you get it to 13 you can attune 2 spells. Having a few pyromancies as backup isn't the worst idea ever, and you don't really need any other stat for them. They upgrade slowly with INT, but you can ignore that and just upgrade the glove instead, it's going to make a bigger difference.

I used the Greatsword (which, ironically, is an Ultra Greatsword), because I liked how it looked (motherfucker's huge!), but it might be a good idea not to equip one of the Ultra Greatswords, because the animation is slower on those than on the smaller swords. It's by no means impossible, but you have to be a little more on it at times.

Also, if I can make a recommendation if this is your first Souls game: don't be religious about that "only two hands, no shield!" thing. You can absolutely play the entire game that way, but the different areas are going to have different enemies and different bosses all with different strategies they are susceptible to. In many cases, it's going to make your life a whole lot easier to just bust out a shield once in a while. If you're having trouble with a boss, don't torture yourself by constraining yourself to one particular playstyle, use a a shield if a shield would be useful. Remember that you can still block with with the sword while two-handing, but it's not going to be nearly as effective as using a proper shield.

One last tip: not using a shield means that it's more important to remember your move-sets. There are many more moves than you think at first for your sword, and they're all useful in different situations. It's not just "heavy attack" and "light attack", but there's also different attacks for when you come out of rolls or when you're running (sometimes also different moves for when you attack right after backstepping). Then, of course, there's a whole different move-set for when using one hand or two. For instance, for the Ultra Greatswords, the one-handed light attack you do when coming out of a roll is a massive horizontal swing that goes 360 degrees around your body, so if you use that properly, you can roll into a group of enemies and basically kill all of them in one go. Properly learning all the moves your sword is capable of will make life a whole lot easier.

Good luck!

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@oldirtybearon said:

Did 2048 rip assets from Threes? Did it steal code? Exactly why is this game's existence such an affront to everyone?

If it really is just a "this game is a clone of another game that in itself stole its core concept from something else that existed before it!" I'm going to be very disappointed.

No one is saying that the creators of 2048 are guilty of copyright infringement, but just because something isn't illegal doesn't mean that it's not a shitty thing to do. Plenty of people use some variety of this argument, where person A says "hey, that things a total rip-off, that's a really shitty thing to do!" and person B says "they didn't rip any assets, so what are you complaining about! It's totally legal!", and it always irritates me to no end.

There's a huge difference between a legal standard and an ethical standard. 2048 might not break the law, but that doesn't suddenly make it totally fine to rip off the hard work of another developer.

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$87.3 million

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@cale said:

I don't think I ever went to Grave of Saints... Is it a large area? Anything interesting there?

It's on the path from the bonfire that's halfway down in the well in Majula. Yes, you should go there!

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Hopefully none of the cars except my picks will function properly for next 18 races as well!

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I've gotten some of those, though I don't have any to give. My best advice is this: read the wiki, play offline and start manipulating world tendency. Almost all of those can be gotten from Crystal Lizards, and if you make your world tendency Pure Black, they're almost guaranteed (in my experience) to drop. In case you don't know, the blacker the world tendency, the better the drops. If you need help hunting the lizards, look at the wiki and guides online.

For instance, if you want Pure Darkmoonstone, do this: get World 4 to Pure Black by using a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and killing yourself a few times, then go to 4-3 after you've finished the boss. Kill all the manta rays, and then go stand on the little hill next to the archstone. Get a good bow (I used the Lava Bow), and then fire an arrow into the one crystal lizard you can see. He'll skitter off, but if you wait, he'll reset and leash back to where he started. Fire another arrow, and then repeat until the little fucker's dead. When you've killed the first lizard, rush forward and kill the other one (when there's only one of them, it's fairly easy to do). You'll get two Darkmoonstone drops, and if you're on Pure Black, you're virtually guaranteed to get at least one Pure.

There are similar strategies for almost all of the other ones you mentioned. Some of them are even easier, like Pure Marrowstone, which can be found as a treasure in 5-3. Pure Greystone is also not very hard, there's a very simple way to get one (again, look at the wiki!). If you've already burned all your lizards, start a new game or do it in NG+. The only one that's really tricky is the Pure Bladestone, which only exists as a very rare drop. Either find someone online to give it to you (unlikely), or you just have to buckle down, black up your world tendency, level up your Luck and use the Large Sword of Searching.

This may sound tedious, and it is a little bit, but it's the Platinum trophy for Demon's Souls we're talking about here. If you expect it to be a simple thing to get, you've been playing a very different game from the game I've been playing.