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Whenever I get a chance to play I give the Daily a go. It'll be good to have some people on my scoreboard for a change. Add me (GreasyWeasel)

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@gavingt said:

@ghostchant: Anything under 2 GHZ is underclocking the Jaguar CPU. So they're just underclocking it less now. 1.6 GHZ was considered the sweet spot for cooling purposes, but now we can assume they're confident enough in their cooling setup that they can crank it up to 1.75 GHZ.

Confident in their cooling setup or extremely worried that their console lags behind the competition?

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I'm shocked and stunned. Thank you from all of us for all you gave us. You will never know how many people lives you made better. You will be missed.

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I so want Respawn's game to be announced as Daikatana 2! ;)

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Good thinking wmausten55. It's these difficult times in life when it's nice to be reminded how many people care about you. Our thoughts go out to Patrick and his family at this very sad time.

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I use the RSS feeds to download pretty much all of my Whiskey media content so I can watch it on my AppleTV or my iPAD and from time to time have had to put up with duplicated content since I subscribe to more than one feed (The Happy Hour on both the Giant Bomb and Tested feeds for example). Now though this situation is getting worse and content is getting more regularly released on multiple streams, this week for instance the WM Radio Show is on four of the Giant Bomb feeds I download so iTunes automatically downloaded it four times. This not only takes up quite a lot of disk space but more importantly means that it is using up more of my download quota (yes I live in the UK where I have to watch what I download due to my ISP).

I was wondering if you guys could be a bit more strict about this and maybe tidy up the feeds to include a Whiskey Media feed for things like the Radio show so they aren't posted in every sites feeds? Just a thought since this must apply to more than just me, unfortunately we aren't all lucky enough to have unlimited internet downloads.

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Mine has just turned up in the UK :)
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This game is great, I hope it does well and gets supported by the dev. I'd also love to hear what the guys think about it on the Bombcast.

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Yep, same here. The disc is teasing me damn it! 
Kind of wish I'd pre-loaded now since you can at least activate that using a US proxy and then just play offline.

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I absolutely agree. I'm sick of people who think that the world owes them everything all the time. If you don't like it, don't subscribe, do something yourself if you think you can do better for free and see if you can survive not getting paid for your work.