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Sarcasm, the deadliest of killers on the internet since its inception. It just might cost you your life folks.

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Ryan Fuckin Davis. Have a good one.

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Ah, Jade Empire. It felt like Bioware was going a little too formulaic with this one. The plot twist seemed a little forced, especially directly after kotor, and the open/closed fist thing was just light/dark side all over again. It seems Bioware games always/mostly have terrible combat, and they just make it easy so hopefully you don't notice. I did like being able to change into a giant frog and fuck shit up, though. I still can't help but like this game, mostly for the setting and characters. Game definitely has its moments.

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It was the Witcher 1, cause it's old as hell. I'm still gonna try to finish though, but it's taking forever.

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It just don't feel right.

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All of these things + not to mention Japanese charm/magic. Dead Rising 1 was a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned, the perfect zombie game. Everything down to the achievements was meticulously crafted as part of the experience. It was a singular vision, pure and unconcerned with how you're supposed to make games. It was a game that grew on you, and after you had the taste, you see that there's no other way this game should be made.

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I dunno, Morrowind maybe. Hopefully another gem comes along sometime.