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Of course it's good silly. Made you look.

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If you haven't played SWTOR with 16X texture filtering then you haven't played SWTOR. If you haven't played SWTOR on The Fatman you haven't played SWTOR. You wouldn't believe it.

Top 13 Sunday 9:00 6/10/2012

1. Jedi Covenant - The Fatman *both full*

2. Drooga's Pleasure Barge

3. Harbinger

4. Canderous Ordo

5. Veeboo Lunx

6. Lord Ieldis

7. Vrook Lamar

8. Ajunta Pall

9. The Swiftsure

10. Jung Ma

11. The Ebon Hawk

12. Lord Adrass

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Of the 123+ servers 110 of them were dreadful places to be. They are all but dead now because of it. Even in the remaining 13 the game is very different from one to the next depending on the person playing. So until you find a fun server, the game is useless. Now you are looking in a list of 13 servers instead of looking at 123+ which is impossible. If you played it an wanted to like it but couldn't or didn't try it yet. Now is a good time to jump in.

The next problem I had was that the game is ugly. I got tired of looking at it so I forced 16 texture filtering an it started to look good. Nobody tells you that. Then I had built up a large amount of hate of the game over 6 months trying 16 different servers with endless characters. So I watched a bunch of The Republic Show on GameBreaker TV. Not the new show so much as the archive launched show. Then I laughed it away pretty much.

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It's time for SWTOR to change into something more than it is. Seems like for many of the higher players various problems center around the games fun factor being questioned. After that is the stupid factor. Systems an design they should have put in the game but didn't have time to put it in there yet. Then very last are the problems that came from the game being started up along with the way it's been starting up, and the reality that you can't predict that kind of thing. People are bored, grumpy, or angry. Then a blanket of forum censorship across the internet on the issue isn't allowing the discussion needed to fix anything. There are so many people interested who also have strong feelings one way or the other that it's a raging viral flame fest. Just like it was in 2009... Come back next month, we are noobs. HooRay!

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It would be better to wait an see how 1.3 turns out. Servers will colapse into something more than what they are hopefully.

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Paid $60 for the game, took it home, installed it, patched it, signed up. Then after the huge pain in the ass I find out I have to spend another $30 just to launch it. There isn't anywhere on this earth that what just happened isn't a rip off.

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Incase you didn't hear, SOE declined the re-up the rights for Star Wars Galaxies that comes due 2012.  IT'S ENDGAMESVILLE! 
Also, SOE customers get a free 45 days, from the hacking of SOE.  Then SWG will go free for 3 months past a certian point if you sub before that point. 
If you haven't tried it, you should.  If you have tried it an were screwed by SOE, then join the crowd.  It's a good enough game to play, either way. 
KOTOR 1 & 2  are great ways to get into this "Story"  However SWG might be a bit more applicable toward future SWTOR experience. 
The SWG Endgame event will be insane which is reason enough to log in the next 6 months working up a somewhat playable build.
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It's a GD powder keg of disapointment & SPAM just waiting to go off.

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You're fired...