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Oh weird, one of the highlighted games is unavailable in the UK.

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I want little xx's off of Sweep :(

Am well jelly.

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Why the fuck did I read all of this.

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Voted for Saints Row, bought Saints Row. Not doing so would just be improper.

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I might get Arma anyway if it's on offer, the rest of the game looks interesting.

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Get a ham radio and shout it to the world.

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@MrKlorox said:

@Happenstance said:

@kumquat: DayZ is switching to a standalone game soon and everyone who bought Arma II are going to have to pay again to play it so you may want to hold off on that

Looks like I'm not going to be playing Day Z ever. I've owned Arma 2 for years and bought Operation Arrowhead last week (mainly because I like flying helicopters and there are many more in OA) and was thinking about trying the mod out some time. Now I say "Fuck DayZ" out of protest. Bohemia Interactive already screwed people with the whole Arma2 to Operation Arrowhead bait and switch, and they seem to be willing to do it again. I have a feeling this company won't last beyond Arma3 with these stupid business tactics.

Isn't it a mod by another developer? I don't see much wrong with them wanting to get a return for their efforts, especially seeing as it's become so popular.

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My broadband got upgraded today, Gabe knew this and is starting the sales tonight. I can feel it.

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@Spoonman671 said:

If there are good games, I might buy it. Although 1GB of RAM seems a bit on the low end, as does 8GB of flash. Presumably, storage will be expandable, but will memory? If it is, will developers bother taking advantage of it, or will they mostly stick to trying to fit their games within 1GB of memory? Also, they need to give me a better look at that controller. EDIT: Also, who really gives a fuck what OS it's running?

People won't be making dedicated games for it, just high-end Android games. Games like Dead Trigger are actually quite impressive visually, even if the games themselves are kinda terrible.