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My girlfriend got me this beauty once:

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BF3 is getting DLC support until next March. I see no problem with this.

The beta for BF4, if like last time, won't be until about 2/3 through 2013 with the game itself launching in autumn/ winter. That's 2 years since the last game. That is fine.

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Yep, I was using it before I got around to paying for Spotify Premium. I really liked the instant setlist feature- it seemed to do a good job of finding music which is similar in 'tone', if not genre.

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I think the second problem has been solved through game design- nobody (at least, nobody sensible) makes platforming segments in first person games anymore. Half Life 2 and Metroid had them, but soon after that they died out because people realised that they were awful.

I only realised that nobody does them anymore during the Duke Nukem quicklook, when the Giantbomb guys were marvelling at the platforming segments ripped straight out of the late 90s.

There are still games where you need positional awareness, don't get me wrong- Portal, for example. But I don't think they need as much pinpoint accuracy as previous games once did.

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Oh weird, one of the highlighted games is unavailable in the UK.

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I want little xx's off of Sweep :(

Am well jelly.

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Why the fuck did I read all of this.

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Voted for Saints Row, bought Saints Row. Not doing so would just be improper.

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I might get Arma anyway if it's on offer, the rest of the game looks interesting.