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I wonder if this will be supported on non-browser versions (Android, consoles, TVs etc).

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I've always felt like the site's strengths (aside from its personalities) have all been to do with the number of industry contacts and the willingness to show behind the curtain in the production/management of events. I loved the little documentaries that Drew filmed this year and last year - it would be awesome to get a similar thing each year from a slightly different perspective. For example (while I imagine it being extremely difficult to organise) a good one for next year could be following the process a developer goes through to show their game on the floor and stage.

This year was great, good job guys :)

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This dashes my hopes for more V Bomb :(

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@andmm: Small business man mode activated! Very cool.

One thing I've noticed is that clicking the icon when the app window is open refreshes the window rather than closing it. Is that expected behaviour?

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Ctrl+F "A-Team".

Leaves thread.

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Finished the story (Good side, anyway) yesterday. Some of the story beats felt off and the ending wasn't great but overall really enjoyed the game. inFamous has never really been about the story to me, but at least Delsin has more of a character than Cole did.

Going to go for platinum on this. Looking forward to those paper trail missions.

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I'm with Jeff. We should have a Rock Band game for the current generation.

I just want my song library to work on PS4 :(

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This is super rad.

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I've been using this for the last few days and it's really well thought out. Thanks a bunch for making it, duder.

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@themathlete: The 32GB will get filled, but there's really no need to have all the PS+ library installed at once.

Currently on my 32GB I have:



Hotline Miami


Pixeljunk Monsters

Rayman Origins

Sonic et al racing

Mortal Kombat

Soul Sacrifice



Jak & Daxter Trilogy

PS All Stars

Patapon 3

Peace Walker


Crash Bandicoot + CTR

Pac Man CE

Thomas Was Alone

Super Stardust Delta


Stealth Inc

Sine Mora

Olli Olli

Blaz Blue

And a couple of other things, like YouTube. If you need more than that installed at once you may have ADD :P