A bunch of decisions I made in The Walking Dead.

Yeah, this is mega spoilery. I tried my best to be a good person and I stuck with Kenny unless he was saying something totally insane. I found myself only really giving a shit about Clementine, Kenny & his family and Carley, pretty much everyone else was expendable. Maybe I'm just really heartless or the the writing didn't live up to the standards everyone has been hyping up for the last six months. I think the second episode was the strongest and the back half of episode 3 was mind numbingly boring.(mostly from a gameplay perspective)

I was sad at a couple of points, but not even close to tearful. and the ending between Lee and Clementine seemed so predictable after they had gone out of their way to make sure you taught her to be strong and use a gun, and then get bitten. I've seen the TV show... It's always about the messiest outcome. There was no way in hell Lee was going to survive this game... Now if they killed Clementine, I'd have been appropriately shocked.

I think the game is good, very good in fact, I'm really glad I played it, but It really comes down to somethign as simple as this for me. The story was good... For a video game.

And I'm a heartless fuck. (obviously)

Episode 1

Saved Duck. I had nothing against the other dude, but I was always gonna save the child and Kenny seemed like a nice dude.

Didn't give the bitten lady the gun.

Let Doug(?) die. He seemed nice enough, but I was a little endeared by Carley's radio battery idiocy.

Episode 2

Didn't shoot the mad lady in the woods

Clementine ate some of that dudes leg. ("It's people" is the wrong dialogue option apparently)

Held Lilly back while Kenny splutched her dad

Spared both brothers.

Episode 3

Helped out Lilly

Lilly shot Carley in the face...

Left that bitch to die as it seemed like Carley was down for some boning.

Shot Duck in the face myself (I got emotional here)

Saved Crista accidently...I'd much rather have saved Omid.

Episode 4

Chuck bought it, whatevs.

Killed the boy in the attic myself.

Ben was a dick, couldn't wait to let him die, let him go. I was expecting to have a section where I would choose who wasn't getting on a boat... I planned on ditching the whiney, untrustworthy traitor, turns out the game would let me kill him sooner... Yay!

Episode 5

Cut off my arm. (GNGHHH!)

Kenny died idiotically saving Crista... I found this to be massively out of character and took me right out of the game.

Crista and Omid crossed first I killed a bunch of zombies on the way to the hotel.

Dude was a nut. Shot that bitch right in the face.

Clementine killed my face.

Clementine sees some people off in the distance in a field.


Nights will haunt your dreams and consume your soul!

After playing Sonic and Sega and Disney all-stars best friends and other dudes extreme transformed for an insane amount of time I finally unlocked Nights, who is both very fast and good at handling. I was staring at the character select screen thinking "Why is Nights wearing that stupid mask?" and then I suddenly realised he WAS the car... A NIGHTMARISH SOUL EATING CAR MONSTROSITY!


Yes, this was worth a whole entire blog post.


A few quick thoughts on the Halo 4 campaign. (minor spoilers)

Weird that I've done this two weeks in a row. The UK's total disregard for release dates is a pretty awesome thing.

So, I played through the campaign in one sitting, only taking a two minute break to eat a biscuit and drink some tea. I have liked all of the Halo games, a lot in some cases (ODST) but never loved one... Until now. Halo 4 has the best campaign in the series mostly due to its relentless pacing (one of the reasons I couldn't stop playing it) , its good story and amazing art.

I think the ending is a little flat considering what happens, but the story throughout the 7-8ish hours was consistently good. Well acted, well told and those character models/faces are superb, some of the best out there. It is definitely as reviews have said Cortana's story and it's nice to hear Master Chief with a lot more dialogue.

This game looks amazing, one of the best of this generation, there is a huge amount of variety in the environments and the lighting is great. The game started and I still thought it was in a cut scene, the hazy, moody lighting in the first mission doesn't come close to some of the amazing visuals later in this game.

The score is one of the best in a game this year. The sounds of the guns have all been redone, I found it a little strange that there isn't a single one of the old style plasma guns in the game, its been replaced with a plasma rifle thing that works exactly the same. All of the new effects for the guns make them sound like they do an insane amount of damage. The tank has this ridiculous, echoey boom that makes you feel godlike.

There's a good mix of on foot and vehicle sequences and the new enemies can be terrifying when they start teleporting towards you. The smaller ones are little fuckers that can be taken down easily if there is one or two, but in large numbers they will kill your shields in an instant.

Final thoughts. I think this game is easily one of the best of the year, it hasn't jumped to the top of my list, but I assume it will be right up there after messing around with the multiplayer. I think the final gameplay/story section is a bit weak and the epilogue is just setting up the next games. I'd like to have known more about the bad guy, although I have a feeling a lot of that backstory is hidden in some of the terminal stuff I unlocked. It is nuts to think a game that looks this good is running on such old hardware, I could gush endlessly about the games visuals. I think 343 have balanced honouring the past and making Halo their own pretty damn well. I can't wait to see what they do with the series next.

This game is totally more Halo.


A few quick thoughts on Assassins Creed 3. (very minor spoilers)

I managed to get my copy in the post earlier today and have played a pretty huge chunk of it. I'd say going by achievements that I'm coming up on the halfway point and I have been enjoying it, but not without more issues than I would have liked.

I have found the game to be full of some really messed up glitchiness, people disappearing, fights ending before all soldiers are dead, totally unresponsive guards whilst you murder all of their friends around them, some really bad framerate in some of the more action orientated set pieces. Just a really high volume of weirdness, nothing game breaking, but definitely immersion breaking.

I have found the games story so far to be enjoyable although it's nothing you haven't seen elsewhere in the series already. I have played as Desmond and I really enjoyed his first mission, I don't really think this is a spoiler for anyone.

I have a lot to say about the "extended prologue" (late title card) and can't wait to discuss the "Holy fuck!" moment that occurs at the end of it. There has been a sequence that is by far the weirdest thing in any of the games and I'm expecting far more of that.

I have done the first Naval battle, it was far more exciting than I thought it would be.

I don't really like what they've done with the shops, it seems needlessly complicated, I preferred the way it was handled in the last three games, but it's hardly an important part of the game. there's a lot of animals, and there's a lot of opportunities for animal murder. (I stealth killed a raccoon)

Overall it feels like more of the same so far, probably a little more ambitious in scope, there's some awful looking scenery in some of the woodland areas, something I really, really wasn't expecting and some of the British voices are so, so, so, so terrible. Connor's voice is great and so are a couple of other major characters, but some of the supporting cast sound like they're just reading it off of the page which is weird for such a high profile game.

I think the faces look great, there's been some exciting stuff happen, although I was really put off by the three or so missions at the start of the game that had instant fail states, but as soon as it opened up it felt a lot more balanced. I'm also not a fan of the way you can be attacked by up to four guards all at the same time, it feels like a cheap way to up the difficulty as most of the combat is pretty easy.

At the minute it feels like more of the same, I'm hoping for some truly mad/ great stuff to happen. I'd love another AC2 ending moment, but who knows how it'll end. It seems like a good game at the minute, nothing has elevated it to great yet, and the technical stuff is really bumming me out at times.

edit - It also features possibly the best instance of Nolan North swearing.

EDIT 2 -Finished it. Connor's story gets pretty exciting towards the end, but ultimately falls flat. Desmond's unfortunately falls even flatter, which is so depressing as his final gameplay sequence shows a hell of a lot of promise.

The end isn't Mass effect levels of bad, but it glosses over a lot and is pretty much a non-end point for the series (surprise) Very few answers despite the feeling that they were going to lay out all the space people stuff clearly. It's not a clever or thought provoking ending, just brief and a little insulting to people that have stuck with the series for five games.

I am left pretty disappointed overall. I expected more from the storytelling, but all I really got was uneven gameplay. I like the game for the most part, but it's pretty hard to recommend to anyone else over the better (Ezio) games in the series.


Meat, Death, Mega Fetus!

Little stumpy head scribble by Edmund McMillen!

Totally got my Meat Boy figure in the post today, he is awesome. Totally got an extra Team Meat sticker and a phone charm thingy. (?) Man, I <3 Team Meat!

Getting the D6 re-roll item upgrade changed everything.

Finally got all the endings of The Binding of Isaac. I kept getting to Satan only to be murdered by his goat leg form. If I have a little complaint about the difficulty in that game it is definitely that boss. It's not the easiest thing to get to him and he has four forms, and learning his attacks the first few times you get to him will most likely get you murdered.

I had the luckiest run last night though, Rage, rainbow baby, little chad, rock, triple shot, blessed, big bullets, coal and Mom's pearl which meant I was constantly getting hearts in Sheol which is a rarity... in the final room a slot machine dropped The Tick and that drops bosses health by 15%. It is almost like the game knew to give me a break ( I highly doubt it was anything but luck) as I was one step away from giving up trying to beat Satan.

Beating Isaac in the cathedral was kinda easy, I did it first time.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Some thoughts on the campaign.

I really, Really like the GRAW games and got heavily into the Co-Op portion of both one and two. GRAW was the second game I bought for my 360, and was the very first tactical shooter I ever played. I never really knew I liked sneaking around corners and sniping dudes until I played that game. So when they first announced a new Ghost Recon I got really excited, but it seems with all the Call of Duties and Army of Twosies etc my love for military dudes shooting other dudes in the face isn't as strong. I was going to play this game regardless of the reviews. I really enjoyed the story in the last game and watching red triangles turn to white triangles while ordering about my squad mates. This game has all of that, but isn't really what I was hoping for.

Good things.

Some of the levels look really nice. There's a level set in the snow, some woodland areas and various parts of the world that look really good and when there is smoke billowing from things or masses of things on fire the game can look quite stunning.

Squad mates are useful and doing the mark and execute move works really well. When you pull it off and take down four targets whilst they move around civilians it is really satisfying.

The game for the first two thirds is quite challenging, you can only take two or three hits before you go down and playing the game like Call of Duty will get you murderified quite quickly.

Some of the music is quite pleasant I suppose.

Bad things

The problem with all of the good things is that there is always something to counterbalance them, The art in some levels is nice, but the cut scenes really do look almost like PS2 quality. The faces of the soldiers are abysmal and you wouldn't believe they are in a game in the year 2012. The in game character models are mostly fine and some of the animation is nice, but everyone is faceless and looks exactly the same.

Squad mates cannot be controlled, and while they are very good at killing dudes they often rush forward into danger. In the early parts of the game this is fine, but when youre facing tanks and turrets and wubwubwub special forces, you start seeing them drop like flies because they are so twitchy to put as many people as possible down.

the wubwubspecial forces. Now there's challenging and cheap and the special forces, even on normal wubwubwub take you down in one hit about 90% of the time. It can get really tough when they start showing up and you know they're about to ambush you because wubwub wubbbbbbbb... the dubstep kicks in.

Frame rate is atrocious at times and the game required me to do a little install on the 360 AND I installed it fully to my drive.

Story is nonsensical and I have no idea who the dudes I killed at the end were. They try to make you care about the team, but they could be any grrr military stereotype and any of the stuff they do hint at with the half Russian dude you play as is said in a couple of lines. The ending is probably meant to mean something or set up a sequel, but it just seems out of place and kinda confusing.

Now, This is the part that is so annoying. INSTANT FAILURE for being spotted in stealth sections. I'm not bad at games, and I don't just rush about like an idiot, but this game has some of the most frustrating "YOU WERE DETECTED, TRY AGAIN?" moments. I have ever encountered in a game. I think all of the missions in the game have a section where you can fail just by killing the wrong dude/ set of dudes at the wrong time, and the A.I is really inconsistent. Sometimes it spots you, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes one of the four people in your synced up shots doesn't die and you fail etc. Most of the earlier parts like this are easy, but there are two missions where the vast majority of the level you are required to go through these long stretches taking out at least eight or so patrolling guards with seemingly random logic in which ones you should take out first. It is all very, very trial and error. I got stuck on one checkpoint for about an hour, partly because the game checkpointed me infront of a guard and it was 50/50 whether i'd get an instant detection or not, and because it made no sense in which guards I need to take out in order.

On top of this I had missions decide to not move on because one last guard in an area got stuck on some scenery, another section where it kept telling me over and over that the area was clear and then spawning another couple of soldiers, and a checkpoint kicked in with 20 seconds on a timer requiring me to start a mission from the beginning among other little issues here and there. Parts of the game really do feel a little unfinished.

So that's most of the things about the game, I'm really disappointed with it. As soon as you realize the game boils down to the exact same thing on a loop. Sync shot-alert-gunfight-stealth-big set piece at the end of a level rinse and repeat. It's also quite annoying that in any area where non-fail stealth can be used for taking out a handful of guards, you will ALWAYS set off an alert and have to shoot your way forwards taking out the reinforcements. It feels really gamey and happens all the way throughout the game.

So that's a bunch of my thoughts, this was longer than what I wanted to type, I can't help but feel like a lot of the game was designed around co-op. I'm really bummed out that the awesome co-op missions were dropped in favour of full campaign and what little multiplayer I have played seems to want you to play tactically, but rewards you for being a run & gunner with an smg, although that will probably balance itself out when more people are playing it. (or get worse) Oh well I guess, that's about it. I'm going to go make a cup of tea and think about what a big nightmarish insta-fail fest the last mission is.

Nothing says special forces like dubstep.


The descent continues.

I know I dislike this from the trial, but here I am... this says far too much about me.

So, this just happened moments ago.


And this is what happened when I started a new save in Sonic colours for the Wii.

Here is an edity bit - Hey Sega, fuck you!