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That's awesome. Bring on 5 pm next Monday! Only took about 30 minutes for me to preload. Good first impressions for Galaxy.

Lucky you. I couldn't get speeds faster than 0.1MB/s through Galaxy, so I gave up and downloaded the 7 install files from the site. It then still took an hour to install them!

I wonder how big the final piece and Day 0 patch are.

Once installed the game is 24.5GB. Seems about right, the recommend specs states 35GB. I guess there's 10GB left to come.

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Looking on the Konami Website it only lists Steam for PC.

Based on the fact that there was also no physical release for Ground Zeroes on PC, I'd say it would be very unlikely. It's a shame, it would have been nice to have the option to get the collectors edition for PC.

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Metal Gear Solid? If you count it as a sequel to Metal Gear 2.

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@xanadu said:

Also I thought I heard you were able to transfer your progress to PC but that does not seem to be the case for me. Was anyone else able to get this to work?

This only refers to Online progress. I mistook it for single player progress at first too.

When you start playing online you should be given the option to transfer your character from a console.

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@caska: No way! I didn't know that either. That's pretty cool. Deus Ex was full of stuff like that. I should really play it again.

For another game which handled choices and consequences pretty well, I'd say Silent Hill 2.

The story is linear, sure, but the way the endings are determined are based on subtle decisions you make throughout the game.

I feel this doesn't happen often with other "free choice" games, where in the end you simply choose your ending by performing some clearly signposted actions.

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@caska said:

Deus Ex.

Jay Anthony Franke who voices JC Denton (the main character) at a panel in PAX Aus blew my mind when he said there was a choice a few hours in that changes everything and playing the game at the time you have no idea that you're even making a decision or in my case that you've made the 'wrong' decision.

What was the choice?

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Fire and Ice


No second prize



Pinball dreams

I second Fire and Ice, Agony and Gods.

I would also add Turrican 3. It was the only one I had, but it was great.

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@humanity: If you go to this link, it's for the Premium Edition which includes the full scale replica.

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@humanity: Yeah you could get it from Play-Asia. You can't pre-order it right now. Not sure how that works. Might not be available until the game is released.

Edit: Actually, it says "Preorders announced soon"

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That is tiny!

Well that saved me £100, so that's good.

The full size one is so cool though:

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