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@edsone: IMO they're equally ugly :D

Totally unrelated: Awesome QuackShot av. Loved that game.

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@somedelicook: No since only the Wii version has the IGN logo on it. Also it's a "little" different

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@vinny_says: I think next tuesday's Bombcast is the predictions one

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@crithon: Well, it was the one he was looking for. The original version doesn't have the colonel.

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@crithon: Ah you beat me to it!

For content I'll add that that was a "remade" version of a bit from the episode of Flying Circus called How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body (S02E09)

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@fisk0: The order is randomized. It's a coincidence.

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@bbalpert: You have to use an item, so it's limited.

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Shame. Was hoping to try it out some some time. Won't be happening now.

Let's just be clear: I agree with the basic argument of the article: backers of Kickstarter projects are not equity holders. They don't actually get a say. The Oculus guys can sell out to whoever they want, without having to be held accountable to their backers.

Just don't go shitting on guys like Notch voicing their opinions saying, "fuck it, I'm out, this is bullshit".