I Wrote A Song About Secrets And It Has Vocals And Everything


Vocals vocals vocals. This one has a whole lot of vocals. It's also pop. Upbeat pop...but kind of relaxing too, if you can dig it. It's also about secrets. How mysterious.

The synths drive, the drums snap, the bass grumbles and the effects swoosh all around. There are also a few string and guitar bits thrown in for good measure. Oh and this is the largest vocal stack I've ever done, so yay for that.

Download: THA-Secrets.mp3

You can also check out the Lyrics here: THA-secrets.txt

Oh and...


...this thing was done for the "make us a youtube background" thread, but is also quite usable as a desktop wallpaper, so here ya go. Thanks to @jan for letting me use his demented 3D bomb face.

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