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Thats some great feedback, seriously. Its def somehting on my mind and one thing we will try to get better about. I've been playing FGs competitivley for 10 years now so a lot of times I forget to break down certain aspects of the game for people just hopping into it. In anycase, we'll try to give people a bit more background on what we're talking about in the future.  
Thanks for watching. :)

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hey man, above all else, in Street Fighter 4 you gotta HANDLE YO BIZNESS. 
Also, I'll say this is a good example of why it's important to have a rival in SF4. It will help you take the game more seriously and really think about match ups and what you need to do to beat the other guy.

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If anyone cares, I got my revenge on Mike Ross last weekend at the Sunroute Cup. I sent him into losers but he still did better than me.. I got 9th and he got 4th.. lol.. 

ps: there is no bad blood between me and Mike, he is a really chill dude but I'd be lying if I said I wasnt happy about this win. LOL
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Havent played the Doronjo player recently but yeah he was using the minions to keep me out and anytime i got in close to do a combo he would mega crash out.. REALLY ANNOYING!!

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Stream will be live around 8pm PST.

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Ayeee.. I'm back now... Was out of town for the Sunroute Cup tournament in LA... I'll try to get caught up on this thread soon... good shit for everyone else holding it down!!