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It does depend on the game ovoiusly.

I wouldn't play Assassins Creed Brotherhood until I beat the first two games, I beat the first one but burnt out during the second one. Funnily enough I would play Borderlands 2 before I beat Borderlands, so I played Borderlands all the way through then the following day jumped right until Borderlands 2.

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@TohruAdachi said:

@Hizang:I was hoping that storage next to the Save mark was a fast travel.

Thats exactly what i thought those would be, I was surprised at what they turned out to be.

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@Canteu: A lot of people are saying they will get a PS3 just for this game, I can see why, it captures the best bits about old and new RPG's alike.

@TohruAdachi: Boat, wow didn't know about that, how far are you, please say there is a fast travel option soon. I keep having to run between Ding Dong Del and to the desert.

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@Canteu: 45 Minutes is the recommended amount of time, do much more and you risk overworking. And yes Spinning is rough!

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@EarlessShrimp: A mixture of boxing and cardio, it's my favourite class.

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Since I beat Far Cry 3 I kind of lost interest in video games, it actually was one of the reasons I suspected I may have depression as thats one of the symptoms. It was kind of scary, I mean video games had been my life up to that point and to suddenly not give a toss about them really made me ask some hard questions.

For the entire of January all I was able to play was Ratchet and Clank: Q Force, that game is both a fantastic game and a terrible game, I got so addicted to that multiplayer it was crazy. I don't think I really enjoyed my time playing it unless I was winning, when I got into a game where I lost i was cursing out loud and chucking the controller against the wall. There became a point in that game where everybody who was playing it was playing it, all the causal folk left and now all that was left was the hardcore people. I made it on the leader boards, I was like the 20th best player in the entire world, that was something of an achievement. But I was not able to keep up with the player base and now I get crushed most games, I still am on the leader boards but I think I'm like in the 100's now. That game is a good game, the multiplayer especially is absolutely fantastic, but some matches go on for an hour, that is often an hour of you knowing your going to loose, which is a crappy feeling, one of the many reasons I will not let myself play it anymore.

So what now? I'm playing Ni No Kuni, my first proper game of 2013, I must say its an incredible game. I am about 8 hours in and I've just learnt how to capture familiars, which probably is not good because now I am going to have to capture them all! Fuck this game is gorgeous, I'm not joking when I say it's one of the best looking video games I have ever played, it just makes me wish that Level 5 are working on a Professor Layton game for the Wii U. It also gives me hope for the Pokemon franchise, this games concept's are very similar to Pokemon's and could easily be translated to the Pokemon universe. Ni No Kuni is a game I am always excited to play, I'm thinking about playing it right now, it's all I will think about tomorrow at work too, I'm also getting very close to buying that book...

Games are also on the horizon, I think Dead Space 3 comes soon as well as Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Rising. All games I am VERY eager to play, I hope you guys are too, but what are you playing right now?

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Dear duders.

The gym has been packed this past month, as I expected of course but shit its like 3 times the amount of people here now. Before Christmas it was pretty much dead, classes I took had just a few of us there and the gym itself was very quiet. I went to my classes though but didn't go to the gym as much as I would have liked. My new years revolution was to go to the gym more often and be a healthier person, so thats exactly what I have been doing, here is my current routine.

  • Monday - 45 Minutes in the gym.
  • Tuesday - 45 Minutes in a Cardio/Boxing class.
  • Wednesday - 45 Minutes in a Spinning class.
  • Thursday - 45 Minutes in the gym.
  • Friday - Day off.
  • Saturday - 45 Minute Boxercise class.
  • Sunday - 45 Minute Spinning class.

I only started this routine last week, so I am still quite tired. Before I would go on a Tuesday, Wednesday and a Saturday, so I have doubled my efforts and am feeling happier for it. I've been going through personal issues lately, I am much better now and I think it's because of the gym. My doctor told me to go someplace that makes me happy, so I did just that.

I have been going to the gym since the summer, I have changed a lot since then and I think at last I am starting to notice a difference. I'm not like some body builder with huge guns and a six pac, but they are still things I have noticed. For example I no longer get out of breath so easily, before I started going to the gym a long flight of stairs would make me worn out, no longer. I can run for longer periods of time, a year ago I started to take up jogging, I couldn't make it to the bottom of my street without keeling over and dying. Now I am able to jog top the bottom of the high street and back again without even stopping. Without sounding like a braggart I think the muscles in my arms are slightly bigger too, sadly no six pac of any kind but hey, soon!

To help me stay fit and healthy I have started to be more careful about what I eat, I try and have an apple a day and make myself a sandwhich for lunch instead of a burger or a pizza. May not sound like much, but small steps. I also went and bought myself a whole new set of gym attire to make myself feel better, I don't want to sound like a sell out but i bought everything from Slazenger, everything was dirt cheap but looks really cool and is comfortable. I bought shorts, vest tops, socks, trainers and other equipment. I also got myself an iPod Shuffle for use in the gym, running in the gym with an iPhone is not that great and honestly phones are not allowed in the gym.

The iPod Shuffle by the way is great, I had the old iPod Shuffle when I was at school, it was a affordable MP3 player that was both fashionable and hard as nails. I managed to get myself the red one which is limited edition, I wanted red because my gym trainers are red...(Am I a bad person?). Yes so the gym is still going strong, nothing really new to report otherwise, I will do another one of these later on to let you know my progress.

Seya Real Soon!

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All I can say is, I survived the weekend without this. Which now gives me a backlog of Giant Bomb content when it comes up, which in a way is good?

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I bought a PS3 originally for MGS4 and Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction.