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"It sucks that it is hurting the gaming community so heavily at the moment, but it was a messy situation that needed to be resolved. For every legitimate video this is hurting, there are three or more videos using rights without permission and profiting from such uses."

Brandon Martinez. 2013

"Let there be no resentment if we bump someone with an elbow. Better that ten innocent people should suffer than one spy get away. When you chop wood, chips fly."

- Nikolai Yetshov

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Jesus Christ, people. How can you even talk about the value of a service at a time like this. I don't know, it's in times like these that I'm just so sick of this neolib world where everything is reduced to its assumed monetary value.

Also, I'm really surprised they've already done a couple of fun quick looks and a great podcast this week. Thank you duders!

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On topic, I'm annoyed by people who say they don't lift weights because they don't want to be too muscular. As if picking up a barbell will immediately transform you into the Incredible Hulk.

People who think Scotland is part of England.

A friend of a friend is a medical doctor who only found out in med school that men only have one scrotum, not two. Granted, she is a lesbian. There's also a radiologist in my extended family who told me that a faith healer cured his back with a prayer.

And to be fair, I only learned less than a year ago that you can't catch HIV from kissing.

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@chiablo said:

People keep insisting that Mass Effect 2 has a good story. I think these people's literary experience peaks around the level of a Highlights magazine.

ME2 does have a decent story. Not the main plot, of course, but that is only part of the story. It's the character stuff and side quests. It's also how it's told, not just the main beats of it. At any rate, it has a better plot than, say, the Divine Comedy, and that's considered a literary masterpiece.

I'm not saying video game stories are approaching the best of what the history of all narrative art has to offer, but complexity does not necessarily mean better.

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Oh yeah, and definitely play Jade Empire. Perhaps the fighting got a bit boring after a while and some of the mechanics were a bit rough or weird, but like Alpha Protocol, it had a lot of heart and character and definitely showed promise which could have been realized in a sequel or two but unfortunately never was. Maybe they'll reboot it or make a sequel some day....

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I assume you've played alpha protocol, but if you havent: PLAY THAT GAME! The gameplay may not be great, but the plot and dialogue stuff is pretty stinking amazing

That game is amazing. It's low budget and at times a bit clunky and janky, but it's not a bad game, even mechanically. It's definitely driven by rpg mechanics more than finger dexterity, even if it isn't turn-based or paused or anything. At least I had a pretty enjoyable experience, save for one shitty boss fight. But yeah, the atmosphere, dialogue, story, characters, moments... that game had fucking heart, something in short supply in the industry these days.

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@ihmishylje: That's what I didn't get about the original idea for Xbox One. Microsoft seemed pretty US-focused with its initial reveal, yet this country has some of the worst broadband services of any industrialized nation.

Yeah, I know, it's weird. Also considering how Microsoft doesn't really give a shit about the rest of the world in terms of other services on the Xbox etc. Even if we have great internet over here, we get the vanilla versions of products.

It's also weird to me that Americans keep complaining (on the internet) that there's no internet or that their internet is shitty. Yes, I know, it's a huge mass of land that's far more expensive to cover with decent internet compared to more densely populated wealthy nations in areas like Europe and Asia.

Sometimes I feel like people who complain about shitty internet connection in rural areas or military bases or the bottom of the ocean or whatever should maybe reconsider the idea that all the newest technology should be available to them. After all, a cell phone is pointless in remote areas without coverage. I'm not saying people who don't have access to decent internet should remain entirely without games, there's plenty of solutions for that and they aren't all going away in the near future, until broadband truly is a legal right everywhere. But I do think it's the future, and it has to start somewhere. I guess Microsoft just jumped the gun.

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@sephirm87: easier said then done jackass that 21 century technology you speak of isn't available to everyone you should look up the statistic before talking out your ass. more than half of the united state doesn't have broadband available for them no matter what they would pay. That's the richest country in the world what do you think the rest of the world looks like ?

I think you should take some time out of the city or suburb and see how most people live mr 21 century

I don't know. I live in Finland, and broadband is a legal right over here.

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So, me and my brother are planning to visit the U.S. in late August. We're planning on flying to San Francisco and renting a car and driving through Yosemite and Death Valley to Las Vegas and from there to Los Angeles, from where we'd fly back to Finland. Yeah, I know, a lot of driving, but we have ten days, so we should manage. Any suggestions on cheap accommodation along our planned route would be more than welcome.

Also, feel free to suggest things we should see while we're in California/Nevada that we might not think of.


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I am probably one of the few whom honestly did not hate the ending. Not the best ending to a game ever, but I didn't hate it either. I found it okay to be honest...

Hear, hear.