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This E3 Nintendo is hosting a tournament to showcase Smash 4. Many competitive players will be there which is huge as Nintendo is the past has never been one to support their games like this. The rules are super lax and it should be fun to watch for anyone who wants to see the game.

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I barely remember. Watched a movie and made a mess.

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Yeah, threads like this are why I don't come to this site much anymore. Ya'll are in way over your heads with the topics you try to discuss.

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You teach people how to play games by introducing it and then patiently answering questions if they have them.

You don't say "do this... No, not that, this... NO, that's not how you play!"

I should probably take that to heart. I think it is a good general rule. The only game I really end up having to teach people is smash and i'm very bad at it. The game itself is very complex and my explinations end up a jarble jarble of mechanics and fighting game theory that is probably not understandable to anyone who don't already have an understanding of fighting games on some level.

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Project M. Aka basically the only game i've been playing the past 14 months. It's an incredible smash game.

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I love it. I want a documentry produced on this adventure. it will be the new "Into the Wild".

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I was excited for this until I seen they have a video and it looks just like the most recent Bloodrayne reboot which was terrible judging from it's demo.

edit: It is just the same but released in Japan. Well, that is flaccid. I liked the art of Bloodrayne they made too. I'd play a whole game that looked like that animated by Arc.

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People still care about Smash Brothers?

...that was my second thought too. It might be a sign I'm jaded about the whole thing but I am not feeling the hype at all. Its like the announcement on The Last of Us on the PS4: Nice but not a surprise and pretty far from "OMG!" territory.

People still care about video games? And on a website about video games no less? That is shocking. :P

Hello hyperbole.

Looking at this message board over the last several weeks (maybe even months) people are obsessed about other things. The only mention of Smash Bros. was that "Project M" thing. Forgive me if I thought people had moved onto other things. Forgive me if I am skeptical about people going "This is awesome!" because as far as I could tell no one here was thinking about it.

As someone into the smash scene, trust me when I say people do care about this. Just because one message board don't talk about a game don't mean no one is.

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Street fighter does not have a yearly update and the updates are not 60$. None of them have been that much. I like the esports boon and the past year I spend more time watching fighting games than actually playing games. Fighting games themselves are not huge but a couple games (melee, sf4) are showing promise of getting bigger.

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Metal gear games are mad silly and very messy in execution. Either you find what Kojima does endearing or maddening. MGS3 is the most laidback and thus best in terms of actual narrative but it is still a metal gear game. MGS2/4 are real steeped in nonsense and are more a spectacle than a exercise in quality story telling.