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Is it worse than Ninja Gaiden 3? I think the idea of playing as a random grunt killed by Ryu is a interesting one. Seems they do nothing with that. Is the writing similar to the trailer, because that alone is reason enough to never touch this game.

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Yes of course. Keep playing it. I like it more though than the Bioshock 1 or 2. The gameplay stays fun in this one and the story is just nuts and much harder to see through for me than the other 2.


Ah, so you're the thread necromancer.

And with a simple "+1" as well. Tsk tsk.

Oh, yikes. Had no idea. I denounce and reject myself.

It's ok. That gif makes it all worth it.

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I don't think I have such a pattern across genres but can think of some trends.

For intance in any game that allows you upgrades I always go for more combat moves so I can experiment with the combat and figure out what works best for me and have more tools for any given situation. Kinda like going through the character in a fighting game see how they play.

In games with magic spec options I always tend to prefer fire based abilities and will spec myself that way.

In fighting games I will always pick the character at first who is most aesthetically appealing and my play style always prefers characters with solid footsie options/range. Characters who don't really excel at far away zoning or up close pressure but make due mid range.

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Not surprising after that trailer from a while back. Seems the Ninja Gaiden name is only getting worse and worse.

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I think it was silly of capcom to put so much hype onto this character when she is ultimately a clone. As far as clones go i'd rather play as her over Evil Ryu or Oni. She looks flashy at least and I like Cammy as a character (not her playstyle). Hopefully her match up vs Poison is not awful for me.

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That is an unfortunate issue. I played it on 360 and had no issue and heard no issue. Maybe it is an issue with the steam version. I hope you can solve as the game is really good. Not enough love for this game. So pretty with fun platforming, you just float around and it's a joy.

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@hailinel: @demoskinos: Funny Xenoblade is mentioned because that is JRPG that western media praised but I did not like it. Largely because of how poorly I felt it implemented western design ideas. it takes elements from WRPGs without using them well. I found FF12 took those ideas but actually implemented them in a way that made sense with their design ideas.

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I really like FF13.

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Being so pumped for a game is rare and as you stated kinda nostalgic. I remember how pumped for any game i'd be as a child. Seeing how much you want it I say go for it as long as you can afford that 25 dollars. If the money is not an issue then I bet being able to play it today is worth more.