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I know i'm late to this but I just caught it. I will play the game again for sure. The changes make the game sound better. Mainly S-kill and Baz being changed. Those characters were dumb before.

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Speaking in terms of language, it's kind of interesting that such a small group of people got to be responsible for creating all of these words, when normally it's widespread usage (being a tool for communication and all). It makes for some very specific terminology that probably wouldn't exist the same way if it had evolved from the general populous. Sort of like trucker talk.

They actually stem from chemistry. I don't agree with use of cis and trans in the context of gender, mainly because those are straight up chemistry terms and don't apply very well to biological sex and selfperceived gender. No foul intented lina, using cis outside of chemistry feels weird.

Congrats on feeling better. I don't know much about getting Hormonal Replacement Therapy outside of women having ovarian cancer, men with testicular cancer, Kallmann or Sheehan syndrome. Who do you go to in such a can't be your GP, can it?

They actually actually stem from Latin, where cis- is a prefix referring to "on this side of..." in contrast to the prefix trans- "on the other side of" (see: transatlantic, transformation, etc). Both prefixes are also used in chemistry and genetics. You wouldn't argue that homosexual and heterosexual shouldn't be used in the context of sex and gender because "homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures exist in chemistry", both stem from the Greek ἕτερος [heteros], "other, different" and ὁμός [homos], "same".

I know my latin. I meant to say, -cis or -trans prefix doesn't say much, since in chemistry it only says about two opposing sides, I imagine sex and gender are more complicated than just two sides. It also implies segregation, which there needs none of. If people continue to speak in terms of transgender (and cisgender) like they're two complete alien groups of people, it becomes artificial grouping of people while I imagine all they want is acceptance.

These terms do not imply segregation nor are they an artificial grouping of people. Fact is we are different groups of people and ignoring that does nothing to solve the massive issue of inequity trans people face. It would erase us. Trust me, not knowing it is possible someone like you can exist sucks to put it mildly.

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Reading that I am now super hesitant to play this game. I don't trust Kojima of all people to handle that very well at all. I bet it goes too far and is unnecessary overall.

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@yummylee: I find that interesting too. The souls games started as a series that was for people who were serious enough to import in as it was uncertain if the game would even come out to being a franchise. One that when released outside Japan was released in limited quanity and met with extreme reactions both negative and positive. Now it is a series most game players will know of and everyone seems to love the series.

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@drxlecter: Just because something is used in a negative way hardly makes said word a slur. Nyxfe explained that very well and was hardly mean.

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Glad it is going so well for you. I would love to start hormones myself at some point as the results sound amazing.

As part of a gender change thing or just for the soft skin?

Why would go through a hormone change if all I wanted was softer skin?

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Glad it is going so well for you. I would love to start hormones myself at some point as the results sound amazing.

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I'm curious. What games do you play?

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How much of the side stuff did they do in these runs? The combat is easily the low point of the game and I can't imagine watch them play mostly combat would be all that entertaining.

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The fact that I don't yet own it.