Best of 2010

2010 was a great year for . There was many good games, here are my top 10.

I played Vanquish after I made this list and it's great. It would go on here somewhere, but I don't care enough to update a outdated list.

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Posted by The_Philosopher

I'm surprised you put Mass Effect 2 so low. But Bayonetta and Deadly Premonition does not surprise me.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan
Mass effect 2 is a really good game. 2010 just had a lot ot excellent games. I will probaly flesh out this list with text sometime today.
Posted by owl_of_minerva

I agree with a lot of games on this list, particularly Bayonetta at #1, it really is the near-perfect successor to Devil May Cry with refined gameplay, a better character, and much more off-the-wall, delightfully awesome elements that I could go on and on about.
Some comments: I don't think Super Meat Boy is "gameplay done perfectly." In fact I think the way it handles challenge, death, and progression is not as ideal as a more traditional platformer approach. I've written at greater length about it in a blog so I'll leave it at that. But it is a very well-crafted game in almost all other respects.
 Halo: Reach is quite good but I felt the writing was a step back from ODST's. I know it's fashionable to hate ODST, but the story in Reach takes itself so seriously and I found it extremely dull. The characters and setting I haven't found particularly interesting so far either.
 Great analysis of Heavy Rain. Interesting to see Sakura Wars on there, I only played a little bit but it was WEIRD.