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I was so fucking excited when I began playing SW:TOR. I stopped playing when I hit 25 and discovered I needed FORTY THOUSAND CREDITS for speeder training. I had never had more than 25k in my account at any one time. Fuck. That. Noise.

Canceled my account that day.

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People bitch about police taking advantage of their position, and sure, they do, but I prefer that to FUCKING RIOTS.

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I always sign up for these. I don't even care if I get in, I just like to help test stuff for companies. I want them to know that there are users out there that would happily test new products rather then them paying people to do it.

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Just in time for PAX East, hot damn!

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Sonuvabitch. I don't have a PS3.

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I swear I thought I was going to come in here and you were going to be asking for someone to gift you Civ V on Steam, lol. Very classy of 2K, though, yeah.

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Aren't we done with this argument yet? My 2007 MBP can run Civ V (albeit on low textures,) but come on, the laptop is 3 and a half years old. That's ancient in tech. 
OS X will get a port eventually, but it'll take a year. Just get a copy of Windows and use Boot Camp for now. If you buy it on Steam, when the Mac version comes out you'll be able to install it on OS X for free.
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Weird. I have a 2007 MBP (2.33 C2D, 3GHz RAM, Radeon X1600) and Civ IV runs fine on OS X. Better than in BootCamp, actually, since BootCamp makes my computer run warm just idling. In fact, I can even run Civ V in Windows, though with everything on low textures.
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It runs alright (read: at all) on my 2007 Macbook Pro, but I'm not sure the standard Macbook has enough of a video card to handle it.
But yeah, just get the demo from Steam and find out. Me? I'm just going to continue playing Civ IV until I can afford a new computer, lol.

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