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Saints Row V: Skylanders. Put the pink dildo on the portal of Porno.

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Like I said in a previous post, I was surprised by the quality of this game, and by how much it would draw me in. I love the collectible and leveling up mechanics, it looks great, and I can play it with my 5 and 7 year old and have a great time. I guess I expected it to be talked about at least a little more than it is. Just too kiddie?

Now I want to find all the past Bombcasts where Jeff talked about his obsession with it! Anyone know any of those episodes off hand?

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I've tried a number of the Bombcasts on or around E3. It's the episode where Jeff talks about how Sony basically brought a knife to E3 and took down MS. Anyone happen to remember this moment and when it was?

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My first is WoW. A bit of a cop out, I know, but I put untold thousands of hours into that. Played probably 10 hours+ per week for 5-6 years. Crazy.

After that is League of Legends. Another time sink like WoW. I have over 1k matches, but I quit playing some time ago.

In terms of "regular" games, I played an awful lot of Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 1. I played though ME1 7 times. :) I still think it's the best game in the series.

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I guess perhaps it's more about expectations. Is it better to have low expectations and therefore surprise critics, or is it better to ride the momentum of another good entry in a heralded series?

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Oh hell, Kara. It begins and ends with Kara. I loved that place. Sure, it was tough to level in BC, but when you got to 70, it was pure MMO goodness.

**EDIT**And how ironic that I have to see a banner for The Old Republic on this thread. What a disappointment.

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From the beginning up until the Trials of the Crusader. Vanilla made questing in MMOs so much better, and MC was awesome. The best raiding came in BC. Then Wrath had amazing zones and a great leveling curve.

Then, my kids got too old for me to play hours every day. :)

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Well, all I can really say is that I see Xbox Ones available all over the place. I was in Best Buy last night and they had a pile of them sitting in the middle of the aisle. But not a PS4 to be found, not one. That's the way it's been all holiday, I've never seen a PS4 on the shelf.

I realize this may mean nothing at all, but who knows.

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I started a thread earlier today that was supposed to be "cute" but sounds assholish in retrospect. My apologies to Brad and the crew and anyone who got the wrong impression from it. I'm really not a jackass, I swear. Just trying too hard to be funny, which is a common failing.

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Hasn't Killzone always kinda been the B-side FPS on Sony systems? (Not that they have an A-side FPS...) I pretty much got exactly what I wanted and expected out of it, which is a beautiful FPS with mediocre game play. Hell, I don't like shooters in the first place, so I really just wanted to play it for the PS4 eye candy. I don't think it's anything more or less than middling, kinda like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.