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I'm with you guys on both of those, too. I played a tiny bit of Super Stardust, but was never all that in to it. I LOVE Resogun on the other hand. Sounds, plays and looks great!

I also never imagined I'd be buying Euro Truck Simulator. But there I was, just trying to back the thing up alone sold me.

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What are some games that kind of snuck up on you and then robbed you of all your gaming time? I recently finished Killzone on my PS4 (the criticism for this is too harsh, if you ask me), and was set to start on ACIV. But the other night, just before I was going to boot it up, I decided to make sure I had the latest free PS Plus games downloaded on the PS3. At the time I was also holding my 8 month old, so rather than booting up ACIV, I decided to try to find something that I could more easily play with him grabbing for the controller constantly.

That's when I saw Xcom in my list. I played this late last year for awhile on the PC, I enjoyed it but found it frustrating. The main reason I was frustrated at the time was because the game was NOT clear in the beginning just how important satellites were. So I had a game going where I had lost significant parts of the world, my economy was in shambles, and I was therefore falling far behind the curve. So Xcom lost me. I have kids, I don't have time to restart games. I have a million other games to play, too. (And I had just gotten an Xbox 360 at the time!) So shelved it was.

Playing it the other night, and starting with the knowledge I needed to make satellites a priority, I'm now having a blast with the game. I'm playing it much safer, and having a lot more success building my team, and running a much more efficient upgrade path.

It works great on the PS3 as well, and it gives me the added benefit of superior sound. While my PC is beefy enough for great graphics, I only have a 2.1 speaker setup. In the living room, I have mid-level surround sound (Andrew Jones Pioneers, Denon Receiver). It makes gaming a great experience for me in the living room.

So what's a game you either never expected to like, or never expected to play again, that suddenly grabbed you and refused to let go?

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Wait a second, aren't we talking about a shooter here? The genre isn't really a bastion of great storytelling. I had a lot of fun with the game and thought the ending was stupidly fine.

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Right. Now it's like I'm just spamming. :)

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@oginor said:

@geraltitude: But it doesn't suck and it's not a huge problem. isn't. It's not hard to navigate, nor is the system hard to use. There are certainly flaws (disk management), but to say it's a huge problem is disingenuous.

Many websites are writing lengthy analysis and articles about what they don't like about the UI, and this thread is 1 of thousands on the exact same topic. Giant Bomb's own Bombcast has said many of the same things.

It's 100% genuine as it reflects the real experience of real people - who really think it sucks and is a problem. Your opinion is also legitimate - you have no problems - but that doesn't make everyone else's make believe.

Well said, Garaltitude!

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@vertrucio: The only parts that bothered me were the freefall segments. They were cool to look at graphically, but frustrating to play. It also had it's share of monster closet, unending waves of enemies that I rarely enjoy. I got through them just fine though.

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I finished off Killzone last night (single player anyway) and was quite satisfied. Sure, I wasn't floored by any forward-thinking mechanics, but it was in fact a shooter. I shot things, I was able to shoot what I meant to shoot, and I won. So that's good. And damn that game looks GOOD. I also like what they did with collectibles, in how you can see what you missed and choose to go right to that mission to try to find that comic page or audio log or whatever. I don't know if that's new or a stolen idea, but I like how it works.

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I disagree. The only part I care about feeling "premium" is the controller, and the PS4 hit the controller out of the park. I happen to like the sleek look that fits right in my entertainment system without unnecessarily drawing attention to it. What is this about, the cheap earbud?

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I'm excited to see what games my family members get for me with no restrictions or edicts on what to buy. I'm thinking I should swear that I keep whatever they give, as long as they aren't repeats. In which case I may find myself playing NBA Live late next month. :)

Also, I'm having a lot of fun with Killzone right now, and feel that perhaps it was judged too harshly. Again, this might be a product of my avoidance of most big FPS games of the last few years.

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I should add that this isn't a "PS4 is the best choice" post. I'm just happy to have one currently. I too will likely own all three in the future.