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I love the "you shouldn't discuss this because it doesn't matter" replies. As if anything posted on this forum matters. Come on, man! :)

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I don't even play DOTA and even I can see what an achievement it is. I even watched the international without ever having played a game of dota before AND enjoyed it. I've enjoyed daily dota too. I feel like that experience still counts as "playing" the game in a way. They allowed the tools for streaming to be so easy that watching matches is part of the game. It's for sure one of the GOTY.

And Black Flag is just another Assassin's Creed game. Is it a very very good AC game? Sounds like it. But still, you're gonna rank another AC game higher against the game that spawned something as breathtaking as the international? I'm with Brad, Dota is top 5 material easy.

What League of Legends does in esports dwarfs Dota 2 and of course just the influence of the game itself with it reaching a player base that is probably 7 or 8 times bigger than Dota 2's. And every other features like spectator mode and crafting that Brad was raving about have been in other Valve games before, some of them for almost a decade. One impressive event every year does not make it GOTY material, not by a long shot. Especially when there are other similarly impressive events in esports in other games.

AC4 maybe just another AC but Dota 2 is also just another MOBA. It's not the biggest one and none of its main features are new. In that whole argument Brad sounded at best misinformed and at worst delusional. He just can't think rationally when it comes to Dota.

This is also a big issue for me with DOTA 2. The staff seems to have never given LoL any credit, and that bothers me. It's almost like League of Legends doesn't exist to them. It's crazy to me.

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To all you people protesting this thread: It may not really matter, but there's no reason we can't have a discussion about how the deliberations went down. Chill out!

Thank you. This is really my goal, not necessarily that game X should be higher or game y should be lower. But I do believe the poor, circuitous way they went through the list really made for some odd final choices. What's the point of having personal top 10 lists, if you're going to fight tooth and nail to get your own, boutique picks on the overall list?

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My apologies for the title, I don't think it's actually a poor top 10 overall, I was just trying to be extreme to invite discussion. :) Link baiting, if you will.

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Yeah, i kinda think getting Super Mario 3D World out of the list was shitty move. But then, shouldn't you blame them all for agreeing with him cause it's not like he locked the other guys in closet. They were all there.

Although then again, he got Super Mario 3D World thrown out of the list without having played the majority of the game. And it wasn't the fact that that he hadn't played that much, it was more that he got it thrown out for a shitty reason.

And this is what pissed me off. Thank God at least Alex fought the good fight. They totally used Patrick and Papers, Please to manipulate his vote, as he's the only other one who would have fought. I'm also not happy with Jeff's argument that Mario 3D World wasn't challenging enough at the beginning. He should realize that Mario is a game even 5 year olds should be able to play.

Brad barely played Mario, but pushed to get it thrown out.

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The methodology for Game of the Year was really bizarre.

Keep in mind though, Ryan used to be the unofficial "moderator" of the GOTY debates, so maybe they need to find a new way to do them.

This is what I was getting at. The methodology was all over the map, because the only person that tried to drive is Brad, and he really can't drive something like that. DOTA 2 probably does deserve a spot, but Brad's head was too far up its ass to be objective on the overall listing method.

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I love the podcast, love the site, love the forums, blah blah blah.

But Brad sent the top 10 into a tailspin, broke the methodology, and had way too much influence for a guy that spent most of the year playing one game. The more I listen to the deliberations, the more I'm convinced this is the case. There was nobody around to keep things in line, and it suffered with Brad making a lot of the "calls." Starting the whole "pick 2 you love" rather than cutting to begin, pushing through the throw Mario 3D off the list, and then helped totally manipulate Patrick.

It was ugly in a shitty way. I blame Brad primarily.

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Agreed with all of the above. Yes, the AMD processors underperform when compared to their Intel brethren. But they are also a hell of a lot more affordable. That 8 core will be just fine for a long, long time. Though I'm not a fan of liquid cooling, I'm a little old school in that regard. I've seen what happens to a PC when the liquid cooler goes wrong, and it ain't pretty. This is especially true if you are building it yourself, and therefore there is no "warranty."

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Kicking off Mario while keeping things like DOTA 2 (which many would argue isn't even the best game in its genre) and Divekick is crazy. I like being surprised by the staff's overall picks sometimes, but they can also easily get too cute. And that's what they did with the overall list this year.

I know this is weird and whatnot, but I wonder what the lost influence of one staff member did to change the way things got ultimately hashed out. The Bombcast needs another strong voice from a different perspective. Brad should not have been able to force DOTA 2 on the list, and Divekick should have been a "tied for 11th" type game.

Oh, and this is also where I think they really could have used someone like Jeff Green on staff! :)

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Haha, I forgot about Drobot. :) I still love the "I traded my chip in for a pistol" from Jeff.