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I;m playing on Apocalyptic and I;m currently fighting the Phantom General, the guy you fight before letting Samael out of prison. It may just be the fact that I haven;t slept in over a day so I;m over tired but I can;t beat him. I was just curious if there is a good strategy for fighting him, I think I;m getting close, I can take out all the soldiers he summons but as soon as I heal myself he kills me in one hit. Am I missing something? Also, is there a way to switch the difficulty setting in-game? I;ve checked both the Start and Back button menus and I don;t see the option anywhere. Thanks.

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Alright so i guess i lied, as i just discovered another place to get the Regal Purple Dye. If you have the "See the Future" DLC, go into the Snowglobe, and head to the village. In one of the houses, you will find a chest upstairs which has the Regal Purple Dye inside. I just found this now while playing, and hopefully the treasure is the same for everyone. So if you are having trouble with getting the clothing trader to appear in Fairfax Gardens, give this a shot.

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The only place i know is the Clothing Trader in Fairfax Gardens. However, the traders you see there at any given point are random, so he might not be there when you decide to go. If not, simply sleep for 7 days then go back and check again. Keep doing this until he shows up. It only took me a couple tries. Also, even if you see him there, its not a guarantee he will have the purple dye. If not, buy whatever dye he does have then repeat the sleeping method again. Keep doing this until he has the purple dye in stock, it shouldnt take long.

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oh alright. i already have See The Future downloaded, but i didnt realize that book he gave me was for the expression, but i have it now so thanks! However, im still looking for the dollcatcher achievement, anyone?

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can anyone hook me up with the completionist and the dollcatcher achievements? i didnt buy Pub Games, and dont plan on it so i cant get that last expression, and as for dollcatcher...well you know the story. can anyone help me out?