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Well if people buy it at that price ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@akyho said:

Negative is. You just popped a a female soldiers head off in a very gory way,allowing for males to feel gratification from the abuse and death or a woman!

What if I feel gratification from the abuse and death of a man

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Call of Duty is full of obnoxious XBL kids? Call Kotaku!

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No, but I'll admit I have slapped my keyboards a couple of times and controllers have gone sailing through the air recently.

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It's in your sock drawer

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@def: But what if the official cover art has an IGN watermark on it?!

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I dunno sometimes Brad says stuff I really disagree with like a lot of his complaints in the RE6 QL applying to RE5 as well and I get kind of annoyed when the forum turns into a giant hugbox. IMO it's just annoying when people feel the need to defend someone over the internet as it is when people feel the need to insult someone, I think both sides should just stop making dumb threads and shitting up the comments section on videos.

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No but I drive extremely slow and maybe give a little bit too much respect to other people on the road, especially when driving with a manual shift.

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This + rah