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I don't care who buys it, just get rid of the 30 second delay.

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Holy crap this is spot on!

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No idea what to expect until I use one so I'm willing to give it a shot.

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Cheers for this.

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RIP Ryan.

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Let's do this!

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Just a heads up when you download the guys from Community Creations. They only have their clothing on during the matches. For the entrances and cinematic scenes, the guys appear only wearing the default CAW underwear. Not a pleasant sight, let me tell you. You can fix that by going to edit each character and choosing to copy the Ring attire for both "Edit Entrance Attire" and "Edit Cinematic Attire".

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Well, at least there is still NBA Jam. I wouldn't mind another sequel for that game.

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@Sweetz said:

This is amazing work. I hope the GB staff can do something nice for the artist.

Alright, related thought experiment: If the duders were in a JRPG what would their weapons be?

Drew, of course, is a given with his bow.

Jeff, I'm going to say basketball (think Wakka's use of a blitzball from FF10), because we know he's a Combat Basketball expert.

The rest I'll leave for other people to get creative with.

One of them needs to be given a baseball bat and another be given a knife. Of course this means there will be a point in the game where the two will fight each other.

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