Turrican is one of those weird series of games that seem to be huge in Europe but have a limited following here in the States.

I only really played the version that was released on the Genesis, and I thought it was kind of terrible.

Do any of you like the Turrican series? What do you like about it? Was it just one of those "right place, right time" sort of games?

What i'm Doing Right... Nnnnnnnow

So I'm working on an achievement guide for a certain little game that comes out this Friday. Currently sitting here, watching multiplayer bot matches stalemate against a dead controller to see if that's a good way to rack up "rounds played" while you sleep. After a bit of this, I'll check out a couple of other shortcut ideas I have.

Also not answering 360 chat requests from people who probably want to ask me incredibly specific questions about said game that I can't answer until tomorrow. Got a message from a guy that just said "pirate much?" I love the assumption that anyone playing a game early is OBVIOUSLY a horrific pirate. Knuckleheads!
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Is anyone actually "playing" SOCOM?

So I've been trying to get in a good, long SOCOM session for the past five days or so, now, and I've still been unable to do so. If the player stats on my account are correct (and they're not), I've played around five games since it launched. The rest of the time was spent looking at screens that say "NETWORK INITIALIZATION FAILED" or "UNABLE TO CONNECT" or some other variant of the same.

Even when I manage to get connected to a game after weeding through the totally unecessary "channels" setup, that's no guarantee that I'll actually get into the game. More than once I've greened up, joined in, and gotten stuck as a spectator for multiple rounds.

Right now I'm thinking that I'll spend another day or two attempting to get in some serious SOCOM time with hopes of writing a review, but after that, I may have to forego a full review, write up something on the current state of the game (effectively unplayable), and move on to something else.

At least the headset is pretty good...
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Dark Room Surprise

So I emerged from a dark room where I've spent the last two days playing a very exciting soon-to-be-released video game to hear all about Nintendo's new stuff from the rest of the guys.

I don't have much to say about it other than...

I hope Punch-Out!! is more than just a nostalgia trip.  I don't need King Hippo in order to have a good time. They could have just put Glass Joe and Bald Bull in it and filled the rest with new fighters. I'd be OK with that.

Nintendo should revive Echo Delta while they're at it. Sorry if that seems random. The original S&P and Echo Delta were both shown at the same Space World convention in Japan, so one always makes me think of the other. I remember Echo Delta--which was canceled even though it was essentially finished--as being a pretty good little underwater shooter type thing on the N64.

Oh, and totally indifferent about the new DS, at least until they come up with some insane game that utilizes both cameras in a unique way. Even then, it doesn't immediately seem like a must-have, even considering my insane hardware urges.

Total whirlwind week this week. I was in Los Angeles for four hours on Tuesday doing an episode of Bonus Round, had some special guests over on Wednesday morning (I believe you'll be able to see and hear the results of said visit tomorrow), and then I rushed into SF for the aforementioned dark room and video games. You'll get to see an interview shot in said poorly-lit room in early November.

Holy crap, it's October already.

Holy crap, we leave for Tokyo on Monday morning! That means that by Tuesday night, Tokyo time, I will have done the following:

  • Played Guitar Freaks
  • Eaten a beef bowl from the... I believe it's called "Don Don."
  • Played Tekken 6
  • Looked at airsoft guns
  • Considered buying several Transformers
  • Inadvertently ended up in the pornography section of a store that also sells anime-themed figurines
  • Drank a Pocari Sweat
  • Drank an Aquarius
  • Drank a C.C. Lemon
  • Drank another C.C. Lemon
  • Informed Ryan that he is not to purchase C.C. Grape if he sees it (do they even still make it?)
  • Seen something wholly confusing on Japanese television
  • Lament about how I should really try to learn the language

Between here and Thanksgiving lie some pretty amazing games and, I assume, a lot of late nights as we play and review the games we feel you absolutely must know about. Can't wait. It's easy to complain about how much work there is and everything, but I totally live for this time of year.
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Digging it.

It took me an hour or two of fumbling around until I got a feel for it, but I'm really liking Warhammer so far. The Public Quest stuff is smart and fun, and all the achievements and titles and little stuff that keeps unlocking is interesting, too.

I really feel like the beginning of the game could be a little more clear about things, though. Aside from reviewing Auto Assault, I don't think I've played an MMO since I gave up on World of Warcraft, and that was a loooong time ago. A lot of my MMO skills came back pretty quickly, but the game could probably use a little more hand-holding up front.

Actually, it could use some more instruction about trade skills, too. That stuff (I went salvaging/talisman making) is just sort of thrown out there without much guidance. Maybe I need to dig through the in-game help function and it'll have details there. Seems like the Tome of Knowledge should have more about the mechanics of the game, maybe? It seems to have just about everything else you'd want to know.

Also, they split a couple of servers yesterday to deal with high populations on some of the "old" servers. Instead of doing, like, free character transfers or whatever, they cloned all the characters between the servers. So I was left with a level 5 Marauder on two servers. Faced with the choice of waiting in a server queue for 30 minutes or playing immediately, I decided to try out the new server. Played that for several hours, and now I don't want to go back to my original server--which is a bummer, because I think most of the people I hit that server to play with are probably going to stay there. Oh well.

The new server was also mad empty. I was doing a Public Quest by myself last night. Hopefully once the new servers aren't so new they'll get some more players.
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Zombie Game Company Wants Brains (But is free to play!)

I was cooling out in a Best Buy the other day, waiting for a dude to go in the back and find me a copy of TNA iMPACT! when I was startled by a familiar logo.

Acclaim? Run!!!!
I believe I even jumped a bit when I saw this $25 game time card for any of Acclaim's games sitting on a hook surrounded by other, similar cards. It's one thing to know that the Acclaim name has been resurrected into a new company, but it's another to actually see it out there in the real world.

I guess by me snapping that picture and writing this, I'm proviing that the decision to use the same logo as the old Acclaim made good business sense. But, in a way, isn't the new Acclaim just hitching its wagon to the awful games and bad times that people experienced with the old Acclaim, too?

If I buy this card, will I be able to play a new free-to-play MMO version of BMX XXX or something?
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If you're the sort of person who likes to use Digg...

I'm a bit curious to see if diggin' up any of our stories will do anything meaningful for us. I have to admit I've never been a heavy user of digg, so I'm not sure how many diggs is meaningful or whatever. But I tossed up a link to the Age of Booty preview that ran tonight, as I'm quite excited about how it turned out. Vinny did a great job with the video and it was actually a fun little thing to put together all around. Looks like Capcom's into it, too.

So if you're into this digg thing, here's a link.
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I guess.

Between losing my progress multiple times and the online being completely boned, I'm totally crushed by Castle Crashers. What should have been a moment of triumph for all that is Behemoth has ended up making me totally sad. It's like I'm afraid to play the game now, because I'm worried that I'll lose my progress for a fourth time.

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