A slight bit of Quick Look fallout.

So I turned on my 360 for the first time in awhile to discover a set of increasingly angry messages from someone that "appeared" in a recent Quick Look. It starts with "yo man I heard you were talking shit about me in a video" and then escalates to "I AM GONNA SUE U" over the course of, like, three hours. As if this guy is completely incapable of seeing that I wasn't online when he sent the messages.

I was, at first, tempted to put all the messages out there because his high-pitched whining was kind of hilarious, but it's probably best to just let it go. I don't even remember talking mess about the guy in the Quick Look in question, but then it wasn't a particularly memorable game.

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Can you either confirm or deny that Jeff Bridges threatened to sue you via Xbox Live?

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I can only imagine this guy is from the Pacific Rim QL, haha. This definitely sounds like the public lobby multiplayer experience I'm familiar with, though a little weird he found out about it afterwards. It sounds like someone who watched the video messaged him and tried to rile him up about it, and that's pretty lame.

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The hunt for the Quick Look commences.

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You're a dead man, Jeff.

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Are you sure this idiot was being serious? That sounds almost exactly like a troll we have in the forums sometimes. I disagreed with him once and he sent me messages threatening "I AM GONNA SUE U" as well; so, maybe it's just a really bad joke?

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You better lawyer up, Gerstmann.

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SMOKE_DAWG_420 has broken his silence!

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HALOxMURDERxKING versus Jeff Gerstmann. The honorable judge WeedBoner presiding..

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Sure would be a shame if these accidentally leaked onto youtube right @jeff?

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Do not underestimate the legal power of xEpiCSNIPEZx69, he's a respected name in this town.

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Russians are going to bust into your house soon. You should be prepared.

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Breaking News: Assholes on Xbox Live?

Up next: Study reveals that water might actually be wet.

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For some reason I'm imagining that time when Jeff really needed to go to the restroom during the Mixlr driveathon to E3.


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I still have a hate mail in my PSN message inbox about my playing skill in Awesomenauts on the first day, it's something I keep for comedic value.

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Jeff, are you sure you didn't pull off some sort of Tyler Durden type deal and sent those messages to yourself?

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The hunt for the Quick Look commences.

My thought exactly.

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You are now obligated to post all of these messages.

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I don't think I've ever heard you guys seriously talk shit about players online, some people just can't tell what jokes are?

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Send him a link to an image of brass knuckles and a pink question mark. See if you get a reply.