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Still miss the Mako, it's not often you can control a small tank that defies the laws of gravity by driving up a cliff face on a 80 degree angle. I have to admit tho the Hammerhead is a sleak thing of beauty.

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I stil think Sim Citidel would be a great game XD. There is rampant crime in one of the decks. Add a C-Sec station for 5000 credits, adds +3 to officers and a radius of 10. 
On a more serious note, I think exploring the First Contact War would be a brilliant area for future games, either as a straight up shooter or an RTS.

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I had no problem with what is being planned in this new State of the Game, the inclusion of a death penalty tho is a pretty hot topic based on the 'ficial forums. The yay's and the nay's of something more than just watching a 20 second timer.

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Having also played the demo, I have to agree that Sup Com 2 surprised me for being quite enjoyable. I really didn't get into Sup Com 1 due to its huuuuge take 2/3 of the screen UI and it being bogged down to spam tier 1 tanks and go, I just didn't get why it was reverred as it was. Does mean I had no clue in regards to the plot tho, lol

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Normal as that's generally the level of difficulty the devs make a game to play as at the start. Prob play harder difficulties once I've finished a game.

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@woltkezero: You're never too old to play all these games, heh.
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Oddly, C&C is prob one of the few games I eagerly anticipate mainly for its story. So seeing EA take C&C4's cinematics on a more serious direction certainly makes for an interesting direction for the better. As for the gameplay, I seem to be of the vocal minority who is intrigued by this DOW2'esc direction they are going for.

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Well now I have to finish Borderlands now and this is certainly a way to get me to finish it.

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Given I only have my headset connected to my PC, I would say all the time. A good decision though as I can appreciate the audio much more gameplay wise and atmosphere wise.

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I think alot of the reasons why Bioshock 2 cannot surpass Bioshock 1 was simply because of its unique setting and atmosphere. It's not often we're whisked to an underwater metropolis with a surprisingly grabing story. Playing Bioshock 2 you kind of just go, been here before what else is new, more so when its only like 10 or so years after the first game. Doesn't help is stil takes on the same small flaws of the first despite improvements. 
Even so, Bioshock 2 is still engaging and the story and turn from freedom from governmental control to the concept of religion certainly gives a new outlook on Rapture. you just wished they went quite different in approach in the same way that Bioshock 1 was quite different in its style and location.