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@Blackmoore: Splintered Mass: Metal Effect
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Still miss the Mako, it's not often you can control a small tank that defies the laws of gravity by driving up a cliff face on a 80 degree angle. I have to admit tho the Hammerhead is a sleak thing of beauty.

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I stil think Sim Citidel would be a great game XD. There is rampant crime in one of the decks. Add a C-Sec station for 5000 credits, adds +3 to officers and a radius of 10. 
On a more serious note, I think exploring the First Contact War would be a brilliant area for future games, either as a straight up shooter or an RTS.

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I had no problem with what is being planned in this new State of the Game, the inclusion of a death penalty tho is a pretty hot topic based on the 'ficial forums. The yay's and the nay's of something more than just watching a 20 second timer.

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Having also played the demo, I have to agree that Sup Com 2 surprised me for being quite enjoyable. I really didn't get into Sup Com 1 due to its huuuuge take 2/3 of the screen UI and it being bogged down to spam tier 1 tanks and go, I just didn't get why it was reverred as it was. Does mean I had no clue in regards to the plot tho, lol

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Normal as that's generally the level of difficulty the devs make a game to play as at the start. Prob play harder difficulties once I've finished a game.

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@woltkezero: You're never too old to play all these games, heh.
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Oddly, C&C is prob one of the few games I eagerly anticipate mainly for its story. So seeing EA take C&C4's cinematics on a more serious direction certainly makes for an interesting direction for the better. As for the gameplay, I seem to be of the vocal minority who is intrigued by this DOW2'esc direction they are going for.

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Well now I have to finish Borderlands now and this is certainly a way to get me to finish it.

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Given I only have my headset connected to my PC, I would say all the time. A good decision though as I can appreciate the audio much more gameplay wise and atmosphere wise.