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everything off but the braking line. I use the clutch and cockpit view.

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how can get involved in the next race?

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If this is the case, then I guess Gamestop and other stores will sell codes for the games.  Also if I am downloading everything how big of a Hard Drive with the VIta have?  How big are these games?  I think I would want at least a 64 GB HD.  Can I put movies and music on this thing?

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I let him live......there are only so many Witchers left and I though he was a bad ass.  I am hoping he appears in the Witcher 3 and fights along side me

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Xbox Live dropping free points into random accounts (mostly rewards members)
Go check your account and if you get some free points go download something!
I had 5 random 220 points dropped into my account.....

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I am Running the 560ti in SLI mode.  I have everything enabled except V-Sync, Dangling object limit,  Uber-sampling.  Running 1920x1200.  All stock, no overclocking.  I would say my FPS is usually in the 50s-70s.  Battle and heavy scenes i could dip as low as high 30s.  Pretty happy with the setup.  The game just is stunning every time I play it.  I end up taking so many screenshots with Fraps b/c I am amazed.

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@ADAMWD said:
After uninstalling the 3D vision drivers, it runs perfectly fine on medium settings.
I just built a budget Gaming PC 
GIGABYTE  LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel I5 2500K
NVidia GTX 560ti  (very slightly Overclocked)
8 GB Ram
Corsair 115 SSD (witcher 2 installed)  
Updated Drivers - no 3D
Patch 1.2
I run the game on ultra and turned off v-sync, Ubersampling and SSAO.  I might have 1 other thing turned off but not sure.  Games runs mostly @ 40-60 FPS.  It will sometimes dip in the 30's but never under.  The game looks and plays amazing.  I am glad I invested the time and money.  The computer is just lighting fast.
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@Delphye:  It was the Resolution for me as I was trying to run it at 1920x1080.   I have a pretty low end graphics card, I am thinking that is why.  GeForce GT 220.  Having things on med settings at 1280x720 and no problems.

I did download the beta drivers from nvidia as I have read as well.
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@ryanwho said:
Bumping down the resolution normally does the trick by itself so that's the first thing I try, then I see how much I can max out on the lower res.
thank you sir!
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Well i bumped it up to Medium settings and put it on 1280x720 (i have a 25 inch monitor) and it is running smooth.  I guess my graphics card cant handle 1920x1080.  GeForce GT 220 1 GB Ram.

Looks fine in 1280x720
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