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@cosmicbacon: Holy Shit! I don't know which one I like more, Tracksuit vs Pitbull or the Mall Walker 2015. They're both great! gj.

My thoughts exactly!

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It blows my mind that people think those nicotine machines are actually vaporizers. They're just another dumb way to burn a nicotine oil. Real vaporizers are larger machines that are typically used for marijuana. Mainly because the way marijuana reacts at these temperatures is completely different then tobacco. It's a long story that no one truly cares about in an internet forum, but this whole craze is unhealthy.......

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@grixxel: thank you very much! That was very kind of you and I appreciate it. I've never really gotten into MOBAs & this looks like quite an accessible way for me to climb into the genre. You're da bomb Grixxel, thanks again.

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Anyone else playing the Titan Souls demo on Steam? It's a very challenging demo and I am pretty darn stuck. Anyone else want to toss a bone my way? or must I go scour Google?

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Any Xbox 360 gamers want to do the Raid real quick?!

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Super random question. Just in Tampa wanting to kick it with a duder.

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Fallout 3 and Futurama.

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Good luck wherever you end up.

And say hi to Dave for us.

This picture makes me so happy every time I see it. <3

Good luck at your new job Alexis.

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I know usually your (Hunter Cloak, Titan Mark, or Warlock Bond) can be changed to represent one of three factions in the Crucible. If I don't play Crucible does my 'Titan Mark' actually amount to anything? I was debating buying a 'Titan Mark' from the Titan Vanguard but I don't want to waste 30 Vanguard marks for no reason.

If I purchased a Vanguard 'Titan Mark' will it give me bonus Vanguard Marks/Points?

The item requires you to be a Lvl 20 to equip but on the Destiny Wiki it says the item itself is Lvl 60. Wtf does that mean?

Thanks in advance duders. I've been having a slightly difficult time digesting all the systems in Destiny.

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I would really enjoy this poster. I've been on GB for 6 years & haven't gotten any autographs from the staff.

If I win or not this is really kind of you duder. Keep up the good work.