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It was -5 outside. Now it's 0. (:

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I still miss Ryan everyday. I've had the Olly Moss picture of Ryan & Koffing as my phone's wallpaper since he passed away.

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The world has experienced a great loss today. thanks for making me so happy Ryan.

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I to DOTA 2 & I thought everyone received 2 invites for friends. I'm sure I'm uninformed but I would like to figure this out.

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This is one of the coolest things that's ever happened. We need more GB easter-eggs in the outside world.

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I'm super excited about the prospect of this game. I hope it ends up even better then LEGO Batman 2.

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Halo 4 FTW. This disc will not be removed from my system for a VERY long time. :P

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Borderlands 2 :D

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@Milkman said:

So much wrong with this thread.

1. He's not pissed. If anything he's disappointed but if you actually read what he wrote, he's in no way "pissed."

2. No one's saying he invented this style but if you actually look at this work, this is a pretty blatant rip off.

3. Saying "who?" does not make you cool. If you don't know who someone is, either don't say anything or google it like a normal person. No one is impressed with your obliviousness.

@Milkman said:

@Sgtpierceface said:

Hey guys. People keep saying that he didn't create the sillouhette style. Can somebody show me an example of a poster that has a white background, uses the outline of a main character, and then uses portions of the movie/game/whatever to create the facial features of the main outline, that was done before Olly Moss? Even if you can show me that, they still used a part of his image. In my opinion, Moss is completely in the right.

They can't because people on the internet would much rather yell "derp fuck this guy" than actually have any idea what they're talking about.

Both of these are completely accurate. Now I don't have to waste my time retyping what they've already said.

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@PeZ: I'm not sure if you read the other tweets, but that Borderlands picture directly copies from one of his Star Wars posters. He isn't trying to prove right or wrong, neither am I, but whoever made that for Gearbox should have stuck with an homage.