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Titanfall has been in my 360 since I made that last post. Now I'm just waiting for Monday at midnight so I can replace it with Destiny. (:

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I want to leave my belated birthday wishes with Ryan. I love you man and you're missed everyday; especially E3. You're part of the universe again, and live on in all of our hearts. Every Tuesday I hear your voice in my head (: You'll never be forgotten.

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HALO 4 tomorrow I shall replace it with TITANFALL

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It was -5 outside. Now it's 0. (:

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I still miss Ryan everyday. I've had the Olly Moss picture of Ryan & Koffing as my phone's wallpaper since he passed away.

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The world has experienced a great loss today. thanks for making me so happy Ryan.

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I to DOTA 2 & I thought everyone received 2 invites for friends. I'm sure I'm uninformed but I would like to figure this out.

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This is one of the coolest things that's ever happened. We need more GB easter-eggs in the outside world.

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I'm super excited about the prospect of this game. I hope it ends up even better then LEGO Batman 2.

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Halo 4 FTW. This disc will not be removed from my system for a VERY long time. :P