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    I've been a fan of poscasts for awhile now. 1UP Yours was always my favorite, with The Hot Spot (hosted by Vinnie, I discovered it after he took over from Ryan) a close second. After the guys left Gamespot, the podcast just wasn't the same. Then I heard them guest on 1UP Yours and discovered Giant Bomb. Then 1UP Yours went under. Recently, I've found Garnett Lee on Weekend Confirmed over at Shacknews. I say all this to illustrate the fact that I've listened to these guys and truly missed them when they weren't available. i just wanted to sayt that I'm gratefull for all you guys do to provide people like me with a website and podcast to enjoy. I may not always agree with you and your opinions, but at least I'm able to hear them. Thanks guys, seriously.
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Got this pack yesterday. Actually having a lot of fun with the new weapons.
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Doom, Nacho Libre, Meet the Spartans...Sweet Mother of God the list goes on.
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I'm the same way. Here lately though, I've found myself playing through a section of DA:O as a good guy, saving, and then going back and playing as a jerk. Not just so I can get the achievements, but so I can play the jackass and instantly load my good guy save without feeling too much guilt.
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If you're wanting longetivity, go with Dragon Age: Origins. Everyone seems to prefer the PC version, but I'm really liking it on my 360. Also, as Seductive Moose said, the Mass Effect series is quite excellent.
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Every year I seem to come across a game that I either had no idea existed or had absolutely no interest in playing until I checked out the demo. Last year it was Cabella's Big Game Hunter. And the year before that it was NHL 09. Both of these games are not my normal fare. What games have caught you of guard that normally you wouldn't have even looked at?
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@Sprizmo said:
"@jobe13: Thanks for having my back yo. Solid!"

Anytime, dude.
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I'm not freaking out about it and i understand if others enjoy it. My point was that it's not for me and I hope that it doesn't turn into another "me too" bandwagon-type issue like "casual gaming".

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Wow, the OP was simply stating how he felt on an issue and the general response is "get over it"? Isn't that what forums are supposed to be used for? He wasn't disrespectful, vulgar, or whiny. Just presented his case and left it open for discussion. Instead what he got was "quit bitching" or "you must be 12" comments. I'm 35 and I fully agree with the guy. As much as some would say to just ignore the little shits, communication is a vital component to the multiplayer aspect. I don't want to play L4D with a bunch of 12 year olds who just want to run around screaming and shooting each other.

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