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This is my collection of video games. Included are stories about what I thought about the games and whatnot. The games are sorted by the release of the console and then alphabetically. Many of them won't have interesting stories as I haven't played a lot, but when I do get around to playing a game I'll update the description.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Whew, maybe this would be better served split by category.  Love the 2600 stuff! :)

Posted by Astras

Unseal moonpatrol it's worth playing :P

Posted by Seraphim84

Helluva job there.  It looks like you've put just as much time into the list itself as you have the collection.

Posted by DeusDonutDuff

Awesome stuff here.  Long ago I had many of these but no more. These would make super t-shirts.
Posted by pikeplacer
Posted by EightBitShik

Great list because I love that you have a comment on all of them.

Posted by JohnTheGamer

@EightBitShik: Thank you, I should get back to filling this in.

Posted by EightBitShik

@JohnTheGamer: Does that mean you have more games O_o

Posted by JohnTheGamer

@EightBitShik: Haha, yes! I need to remove some as well. I need to finish adding XBLA, PS3, PSN, Wii, and handheld games.