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I really wanted to play that game. I read so much about it and it seemed great to me - a brand new RPG experience, new world, the whole pawn system, huuuuge enemies and the famous SotC-way to fight them, no quick travel, day and nite system, good game difficulty (hard, but not extremely hard) and, last but not least good story and nice game design.

I've played it for about 10 hours so far and I just can't get into this game. I look at my PS3 and the DD on the shelf and I'm always like "meh, not this time". Why?

Because Capcom made it. And despite it's quite diffrent than all the other Capcom games it jus has this Capcom... something.

I like Japanese games, I love Nintendo, Square (Enix/Soft, whatever), fighting games (even Street Fighter, that one is an exception) and Team ICO productions. But when it comes to play a Resident Evil, DMC or now DD something is just wrong.

And I think that it's the font.

It's here.
And literally everywhere in Dragon's Dogma.

I might be a bit weird but it kills all the feeling to me. This font (or set of similar fonts) is sooo ugly, I just can't ignore it. Please Capcom do something, because I KNOW that DD is a great game.

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@mandude: Sure thing. In fact, I'm a huge admirer of British cinematography, and I'm sure that some British actors would fit well in Discworld movie adaptation, like Rickman as Havelock Vetinari or John Cleese as Rincewind (on the other hand I think the only person to ever play Sir Samuel VImes should be Clint Eastwood). I just would like it to be a huge blockbuster, not a television movie (because of the low budget and stuff).

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I think quick-save was simply replaced by autosave and save (or check) points in most of the games. I don't miss it that much.

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Discworld series. Loved the books, loved the games, never heard of a movie. (Well, that last part isn't actually true, but I mean a REAL movie, not some british televison stuff).

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I was working for Apple Service Provider and there was this old lady with her granddauhter's iPod Touch. This iPod had some minor software issues, so I fixed it withing something like a half an hour and I gave them their device back. They left the room, and then, ten minutes later they suddenly came back. Unlucky, it wasn't their iPod. It was some other customer's iPod Touch literally LOADED with porn. They were standing in fron of me, like a coctail of 70 yo angriness and 10 yo "lots of questions about all that funny things i wasn't supposed to see".

It was quite embarassing, but I hope I saved that girl some stories about bees and butterflies if you know what I mean.

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Last time I started to realize that I haven't played many so-called AAA games of this generation. I've done some reaserch and so I came up with this list:


Mass Effect



Dragon Age

Assassin's Creed

Now I want to catch up a little, and I have to choose two or three game series out of this list. I can't really say that I have any specific favourite genre, back in time I used to love adventure and strategy games, but these genres are kinda dead right now. These days I enjoy most of the "good" games, like Uncharted, Batman, Fallout, Skyrim, God of War, Red Dead Redemption or the new Rayman. I'm not so much into multiplayer, so good single player campaign is what really matters to me.

I don't like FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, but I have heard that Killzone, BIoshock and Resistance are kinda diffrent. On the other hand I loved old Bioware cRPGs, like Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate and KotOR. And when it comes to AC, I always used to be like "meh", but screenshots of the upcoming AC3 really set me on fire (I LOVE "The Last of Mohicans").

So - if you would have to choose one game series out of this list, which one would it be? My first choice was Mass Effect (probably because of the buzz it's generating right now) but I only own a Mac and PS3, so I won't be able to play the first game of the series (and as far as I know with ME it would be a huge mistake to start with the "2").

Thanks for all your replies and advices.

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I've never played Prinny, so I can't tell, but comparing to SMB it's much harder. Probably because of the level design, while playing SMB you actually see whole level right away, with Rayman it's a diffrent story and repeating some parts is really painful.

Now I'm going for something quiet and peaceful like mastering Skyrim (or yoga), but when I calm down I'll try to beat the Land of the Livin' Dead.

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Just finished Rayman: Origins main story line and I must admit that the final level - The Reveal - seems to be made by some sick French perverts. I've been playing video games for about twenty years now, and I've never seen anything like this. I know many difficult games, but this? I've played Daemon Soul, Super Meat Boy (on a keyboard!), but reapeting the running part of The Revel for something like a thousand times was one hell of a gaming experience.

There was screaming, plenty of bad language, nervous wife in the background. And I swear, I must have broken left analog of my Dual Shock. I wanted to smash my TV and I will never play that game again.

But on the other hand it was beautiful and challenging. If I'm Batman (and I'm pretty sure I am), then this game is my Joker. Now changing my relationship status with Ubisoft to "it's complicated".

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@Kidavenger: Sorry for that, my bad. Spell check might be a bit tricky if it underlines every single word you write.