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Rest in peace Ryan Davis. The one time you responded back to me during a live show. I will remember how happy I was and how much you made me laugh. My heartfelt condolences to his wife and family and friends. And my prayers are with you.

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How about Digimon Souls XD

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@Hailinel: I PMed you by mistake. Clicked the wrong thing. I mean no harm. Just posting my thoughts and observations. If ryan was being sarcastic on twitter that's fine. Relaying info is all I was doing.

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I'm not a troll ryan said so on twitter. I love this site. I don't care about how much they put up in a week. I love these guys there awesome

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BTW. There will be no panel video incase people thought there would be. They recorded nothing at PAX so people can stop guessing about it. I hope things pick up. I love this site's content. I find that kinda disapointing cause their panel vids are always good for a laugh and good times. I guess we'll have to wait a couple weeks for stuff to hopefully pick up.

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Welcome back Tricky. Good to see you writing again.

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Guys I'm going to blow your minds. Game Dev Story...on your hd tv.....with a controller.

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@adoggz said:

@Cloudenvy said:

The Bombcast is late, what shall I do?!

well for starters you could put on a shirt.

Does this mean the Day of Olmec is upon us. Will that last words we hear be "Hmmm......"

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@adoggz: Somebody set up us the bomb.

All your base are belong to us.

You have no chance to survive make your time.

Move 'ZIG'.

For great justice.

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Why is this guy sounding like Jack Thompson? SR3 was the greatest SR game ever. Man this is look really bad. No one with this man's mentality should be running a modern game company.

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