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@brandondryrock: Pretty sure its a proprietary charger. Kind of crazy you have to basically pay a additional charge just to cut the thing on if its not charged in the box.

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I can't believe they are making people buy the charger separately in all regions. Nintendo is going to get in big trouble with the FTC.

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Well this morning while preparing to wake up and start my day. Walked into the living to see my mom in pain and vomiting and my dad frantic. It was a traumatizing experience. I live with my parents currently because my sister is special needs. My mom got rushed to the ER and they found out she has a non cancerous cyst on her uterus. Now that in itself isn't a serious issue but the timing of all this has put a burden on my family. So I made a indiegogo page to raise money to clear my parents health debts and hopefully make this a better holiday season for them. This is the first time ever needing any kind of help like this. I never thought I would ever be in this position.

My parents mean a lot to me. They were the ones that got me into gaming and other "nerdy" stuff. They are also the most giving and caring people I have ever seen. They have done so much for others that I just want to do something for them. So if you or anyone you know can drop a donation by the page. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great holiday season.

indiegogo Help for my Parents

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the sheer volume of individuals checking in to moralise on what's essentially an unsolicited passing around of a hat is legitimately confounding me.

haven't you ever participated in a non-charitable fundraiser (like a filmmaker soliciting $$ for a project)?

just the other week a coworker's mother suddenly died. this coworker has a good job, and most likely doesn't 'need' a hand. but because she's such a integral piece of our lives, we had an unsolicited collection to help with the funeral costs.

does that make us morally reprehensible? if so- when did the giantbomb community get so god damned puritanical?

a bad thing happened- some have chosen to help. that's a problem? you must be a delight at dinner conversation.

The complaints have gone beyond puritanical. They've become downright Scrooges. What exactly is wrong with wanting to help out someone you like. Do people really think they make millions of dollars? CBS wouldn't even pay for their gear they needed for work when it got stolen at E3. Some people in this community need to re examine themselves and what is actually making them angry or upset when they see people helping others.

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This is the weirdest thing I have seen from a staff member today. I am just confused how you can own this car for 16 years and not know this stuff.

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Rest in peace Ryan Davis. The one time you responded back to me during a live show. I will remember how happy I was and how much you made me laugh. My heartfelt condolences to his wife and family and friends. And my prayers are with you.

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How about Digimon Souls XD

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@Hailinel: I PMed you by mistake. Clicked the wrong thing. I mean no harm. Just posting my thoughts and observations. If ryan was being sarcastic on twitter that's fine. Relaying info is all I was doing.

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I'm not a troll ryan said so on twitter. I love this site. I don't care about how much they put up in a week. I love these guys there awesome

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BTW. There will be no panel video incase people thought there would be. They recorded nothing at PAX so people can stop guessing about it. I hope things pick up. I love this site's content. I find that kinda disapointing cause their panel vids are always good for a laugh and good times. I guess we'll have to wait a couple weeks for stuff to hopefully pick up.